Sunday, 20 May 2012

Williams AZ (Day 2)

Well, we are back in the lovely hotel lobby using their internet connection here. Seems quite a few people are having trouble with it as well. It's a bit like being in your own living room, only WAY bigger!! The charge for this RV park is $39 US per night. A bit steep for us, however, when we compare it with the dust-bowl site we were going to stay in on Friday night, south of Eloy for $34 US per night, it is quite remarkable!! Again, if you are staying in the park, you are able to use the hotel facilities. Pretty nice deal......

I'm on the couch on the right side, right up by the fireplace - WAVE!!

...and the pool we swam in this afternoon, complete with complimentary towels!!

...nice little town, pretty quiet even with the tourists....

Here are the bikes, on the historic Route 66!!

Just hanging out with friends!!

It is only a very short ride into town, ike across the railroad tracks that run behind our RV park. This was a good thing because there seemed to be something wrong with my derailer!
Josh & Teagan would be proud of their Dad. He just gets right in there and fixes it, Mr. Bike Repair Man!! Thank goodness, because I can't fix anything. I am more type to say "HELP,  call the 1-800 help line!!"

Well, someone had to take the pictures to show you all, right?

When we were at Camping World, I picked up a neat book (well, I had to buy something at the store) that is all about cooking in tin foil! Yup, that's me, the gourmet tin foil chef. Well, I have already perfected the tin foil/tin pan dinners, as you may have noticed but this time.....DESSERT!!! I know, unbelievable! Apple Crisp, on the BBQ too! The book gives you three different types of cooking options. We'll see how it is!

Okay, laundry day...AGAIN!!!

So, we had our pork roast tin pan dinner, complete with veggies. It is nice that they have the big BBQ's in the main area. We just took our drinks there and visited while everything cooked.
So that was NEARLY it for the night. Just cleanup fter dinner, have dessert and then relax, right? However, after doing dishes, the big seat that makes up our bed jammed. Seems that a tiny wee nut had come undone from the piece that makes up the spring handle (or something like that). that allows the whole seat to move forward. Once again, my amazing Mr. Fix-It got right at it (I held the light, because now it was dark...well, I had to do something!) Presto, 30 minutes later and the seat is fixed and we can now go back to the van and have our dessert (after posting this, of course), so we will leave you with yet another picture of us, just incase you forgot what we looked like!!

Tomorrow we will be leaving here and heading up to the Grand Canyon. Apparently there are campsites there, although they are all showing that they are booked. We will just go "on a wing and a prayer" and hope something opens up for us, or we will be driving back here for tomorrow night. I am confident that something will work out. At any rate, we will spend the day sight-seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World!!!! Pretty cool!!
Remember, the internet seems a bit dodgy. You know we will always do our best to get things up and posted but don't worry if there isn't a posting, it just means that we will catch it up in a day or so.....

That's it for us for tonight!


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