Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Valle de Juarez (Day 7-Wednesday)

We set the alarm this morning because we all decided to go out for breakfast. Of course, the upside of that decision (...yes, there was an upside!!) was this:

Sunrise over Hacienda Contreras!!!

Then...breakfast at La Cocinita

Making tortillas & Cafe de ollo (pronounced oyo)
Special coffee with cinnamon & sugar...yummy

Fresh, fresh squeezed orange juice!!!

He looks pretty hungry!!!

After breakfast, Sal & Barb drove us up to town and Doug & I walked all over, checking things out. This is a lovely town, very clean and pretty! We really enjoyed it!


Guess whatever he doesn't sell, he can just have for lunch!!!

This is such a pretty centro.....

Inside the church....

We just walked around and around. I think people thought we were lost!! It was very peaceful and, as always, everyone will always say "Hola"...with a smile!! So, here's just some random shots around town and then down onto the malecon, by the lake.....

After town, it was down to the lake & malecon...

We thought the wine bottle left on top was pretty funny!!

Working on the new recreation area-football, basketball, etc...

Steady there.......

This guy up top yelled down to us that he wanted his picture taken!!

Yup, we walked all over the place - and it was pretty hot!!

Right by the highway into town is the cemetery.
Very different from Canada, but very peaceful and you can tell people were well loved...

Hope everyone enjoyed the walk-about today. There were lots of pictures to show you. We always hope that, somehow, we can give a little glimpse into what these towns are like. It's pretty hard to capture it all. So, that is it for Valle de Juarez and us. We really don't want to go. I know you think we say that all the time, and probably we do, but this time, it was pretty special...

Welcome everyone!!!

Again, a BIG thanks to Sal & Barb Contreras for making us feel very special and so very welcome. When you run into people like these two, it really makes what we are doing worthwhile and fun. We will miss you two, Bella, Niko & Don Quixote...... HAVE to come here!!!! Take our word for it, you will love it!!

Special Note: Also thanks to our new friends (well, old blog friends) Kevin & Ruth for sharing so much time, information and so many stories with us! It was so much fun to finally meet you guys and we hope to meet again, somewhere!! For those who don't know, Kevin & Ruth are heading off to Chicago for a nice 5 day tour. Follow them on their blog. They are also trying to win a special travel in Australia contest, so make sure you vote for them. The link is on the end of their blog posting each day:
So, tomorrow we are heading down to the coast, likely Melaque (north of Manzanillo) where we will start our gradual northward trek......


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