Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Valle de Juarez (Day 6-Tuesday)

All fiestas start with the prep work. We were glad to be able to help in anyway that we could. First, some chopping and boiling were involved:

Tomatoes for Barb for the guacamole..

Rinsing off the hot, hard boiled eggs. This is good water here!!

Devilled eggs....ala Euri!!

More stuff to take down to the party tree...

...and more...

...you guessed it...more!!!

Ruth's famous Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Yes, there were still a few left at party time!!

Barb, with her equally famous beans-yum yum!!

So, everything was prepped and we all set up and met out back by the BIG tree. Sal's Grandpa planted that eucalyptus tree with Sal, about 50 years ago. Pretty cool to be able to own the property and go sit under it, huh??

Party time!!!

Our awesome hosts...

Sal & Barb's nephew, Kiko, drove the ladies up to the main building to the bathrooms!!
That is Sal's Mom (left in "Mule" & Auntie beside Kiko....

Sal's sister, Juana, cutting more nopale for her next "cacti salad"

Sal helps cut off more for her....

Juana and her friend remove the prickles...

...and there are LOTS!!!

It was very interesting watching the ladies chop up the nopale leaves. They continued to chop them up into little strips. I guess she will use it for her next salad. She brought a nice salad to the fiesta so we could try it. It reminded us of green beans. 

After eating and eating......we played Corn Toss, some of the ladies played La Loteria again and some of the kids wanted to spin around the property on our bikes!! Just a good old-fashioned party. The reason for the fiesta - no reason, just come on over and have some eats and fun times!!

That was our day. Hoped you all enjoyed it too. We had a wonderful time. Many thanks to Sal & Barb, again, for including us!!


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