Friday, 11 May 2012

Valle de Banderas to Lo de Marcos

We checked out Rincon de Guayabitos and it was just too busy for our liking so we came back down the highway about 10 kms to Lo de Marcos. What a nice spot we have. We are at Pretty Sunset Trailer Park ( Besides the 2 ladies that are renting a little casita on the front of the property, there are no other campers here. There is room for about 8 rigs here. See what you think:

Looking towards the front gates...

Straight out the gates to the beach, to the right...

...and to the left...

Way to the right. We walked down to this point!!

Heading for the point...

This little family was out fishing. Dad & 4 kids. Dad had just caught a bigger fish. When the kids saw us walking towards them, they ran up and grabbed the line of little fish to show us!!

...and then you are not paying attention to the approaching waves....

...pretty soaking wet!!!

Almost at the point. We figured it was about 1 kilometer away...

Looking back to where we came from...

Wow, we could not believe it when we got there. First of all, I looked at the rock outcropping and thought, "must be a nesting place for birds...look at all the poop on the rocks". It wasn't, it is all shells, in volcanic rock. It was incredible. It's hard to see, but they are all shells. This wall forms the end of the point and you cannot get over it, too bad!!

Now we could go out on the whole shelf. There were tidal pools all over the top of this shelf, crabs, sea anemones, pretty fish. A whole different world!! The waves were crashing around us and we were the only ones there. That is what we found hard to believe about this whole beach. Almost no one here (unlike Rincon which had music, hordes of people, beach vendors......) We definitely made the right choice for us!!

Now, that deserves a beer!!
We walked all the way back and we just had to reward ourselves!!

This plate of food, taco chips & fresh salsa and 4 beers cost us $200 ps (approx $16)

Doug took all the sunset pictures! He did a great job, don't you agree? Tomorrow, we will get the lay of the land. We are basically right in town, but it is a quiet little town. Should be some good bike riding. We are both trying to get over a really bad cold, which seems weird when it is so warm out so hopefully, we will feel better tomorrow! Might even be market day! Enjoy the sunset pictures & we will talk tomorrow!!



  1. Cheers! Back to you. Looks like you are having a great time. Keep it up and enjoy. Barb and Sal

    1. Thanks Barb! You must have been sitting at your computer the same time I was! Big hug to you and Sal! (okay, and Don Quioxte too!!)

  2. Can you check out the price of the casitas? I am looking for a quiet place to spend a week this winter.
    Love reading about your Mexican adventures! Hope we will be able to do the same when we retire

    1. We checked with the owner. Seems that the casita is about $300 ps per night (it is in the photo looking towards the front gates on the right) The big house on the beach is $1800 US per month. All the RV spots are spoken for at least 1 year in advance but there are lots of places to rent in town from what we can see!

  3. Thanks for checking. Does "$300 ps" mean $300 pesos?

  4. Pictures all look great! Finally got up with you guys on the blog. We wish Italy was a cheap as Mexico.......2 plates of pasta, bread , no salad and no wine $25.00 cdn. maybe it is Mexico for us next year.........