Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Valle de Banderas (Day 3)

We were to be ready to go at 10:00 am for Gary to drop us off at the collectivo taxi stop this morning so we could make our way into Bucerias for the day. That is a perfect plan, except that we had the wrong time zone!! Seems that Bucerias has finally decided to go on the same time zone as Puerta Vallarta. I guess there was too much confusion at the airport, but nobody told us!! So, after abandoning our coffee on the table, untouched, we jumped in his truck for a little tour of some of the surrounding towns. Gary is very knowledgable about things in this area, having lived here for the past 6 years or so. He is also, generously, helping a friend, by building her and her kids a house to set her on a new path. Very kind of him & Jean.

They will now have all the comforts they deserve...

Again, we cannot measure our standards here. Folks are quite happy with what they have and where they are. Gary & Jean's friend, with the new orange house, has her oldest daughter in college and a 15 yr old son in school. She is very proud of her family.

After Gary dropped us off in San Vicente and we jumped into a collectivo cab. They do not have these in Canada. Basically they are cabs that run between the towns. It cost us $56 ps (about $4.50) to go into Bucerias. It was a nice newer type van and there were about 5 other people in it. Great way to travel and quicker than the bus, but cheaper than a private cab. We got out by the resort Royal Decameron. This is near the bed & breakfast where we stayed a few years ago.

Still looks pretty nice!!

Since we had messed up on our original departure time, we did not have time to get breakfast, so we stopped at this great spot called Encore Restaurant & Lounge. It is right on the way into Bucerias Centro, along the same road as the Royal Decamercon (running parrellel with the water). Johnny & Armi own this little restaurant & jazz club. She even has CD's recorded so we really stumbled into something great!! Wonderful people and we really enjoyed talking to them. Food was superb and so was the staff. If you are in Bucerias, please check them out. They have live jazz in the evenings with Armi singing and a band. We really wish we could have come back tonight, maybe next time guys!! We also thought it was neat because they also live in North Vancouver by the Lonsdale Quay, so that is like home to us!! Thanks guys & good luck!!

After this, it was off to wander through the town of Bucerias. Still remember it as a really nice little town. Things have changed a bit, with more building than we thought there would have been. Thankfully, the market is still the same!




Super windy day!

Nice little centro...

The more things change...

...the more they stay the same.

Doug, happiest on the beach...

I know, I know, always there are drinks!!

That was our day. We really enjoyed ourselves. Tomorrow, Gary is taking us up to a tequila ranch on the quads so that will really be a new experience for us. Watch for that post!!

On a sadder note: We got news this afternoon, that our dear friend Brenda Rossi (and family) just lost her dad, Lewie Taylor, yesterday, after a brief illness. We were so sad to hear this. We spent many an evening with Lewie and Sheila (Brenda's Mom) and consider it our utmost priviledge to have been included in their lives. Lewie was a wonderful man and a real Scottish spark. He will be missed, more than words can explain, by family, friends and us. We are so sorry not to be nearer to offer any comfort to Brenda, George, Sheila & family.  Consider yourselves hugged.

We dedicate this post and this last picture to a great man and to them, our great friends, sunset.....  


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