Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Valle de Banderas (Day 2)

Our favourite kind of day. Hang out in the morning, then pick the HOTTEST time of day to ride into the town to do some exploring!! Actually, I personally think that it helps wear off calories that way, through sweating!! Very nice small town, about a 15 minute bike ride away.

Under repair/construction....

Now, that's wiring!!

Impromptu garden shop in the centro...

Hey, aren't those Cap's bikes from Langley, BC??

House for Sale....complete with one horse parking!!

After riding & walking around for quite awhile (which included frappachino-style drinks) we headed back home. Now, I know you have all seen cows before, but to me there is just something about seeing them trotting down the street. This was a bit of a cheeky lot, they kept trying to turn down different streets than they were supposed to! You will see the boss-man rounding them up below:

Not this one, but the other one below!!

Then, calamity of huge proportions, a road-kill iguana. I was so sad because I seldom see these things, other than a passing glimpse. Poor guy. Doug thought he looked a bit dramatic all  laid out, like he was just kidding and was going to get up and run away. He was pretty big.....(hey, I know it's a bit weird, but you have to show the good and the bad, right??!!)

After that traumatic event, we had to have a drink, and a visit from the landlord, Gary...

This little restaurant is right on the corner of Rancho Alta Rosa. Gary & Jean told us what a nice little family runs it so we walked over for dinner. It was fantastic food, but more than that, it was so much fun spending time with the WHOLE family!!

Lupe, getting dinner started on this huge, traditional stove. Four different cooking surfaces! We must say, we have had tortillas ALL over Mexico and her's were, hands-down, the absolute best of any we have had. Huge, thick and great corn flavour!!!

Juan and little sister, Lupita. Notice the stick in the back of her bike. That is insted of training wheels. Someone just holds it and runs behind her!! Works pretty good too! 

Me, Bibi-Anne and Juan...

Juan set up his homework right at our table....he didn't speak any English, nor me, any Spanish, too bad...

Bibi-Anne (age 11), Lupita (age 4) & Juan (age 7)

We just had to share some of our Canada bracelets with them...

This is just it, the heart, soul & backbone of Mexico. Families like this, everywhere, just making a living, working together. We do consider it a big priviledge to be able to spend time with them. They are very happy. Dad, Juan, also came by to see us and after dinner, Mom Lupe came and sat down and we all tried to communicate about our families. Their grasp of English is much better than our Spanish....another Mexican night to remember!!

The day is done and, yes, we are drinking our tea. There has been no Scrabble for awhile, I think we will have to get back at that, won't we? Tomorrow, Gary has offered to drive us into the little town so we can catch the little collectivo taxi into Bucerias for a walk-around, so that should be fun. The collectivo taxis take you on a bit of a round-about route.....adventure!! 


Nancy's days without make-up: 61 
Doug's days wearing shorts: 49
Scrabble Wins: Doug 6 - Nancy 4 (...still)

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  1. those bikes are gonna need a little TLC when you get back....good thing i know a guy!