Friday, 25 May 2012

Nephi UT to Butte MT

We left Nephi UT this morning about 8:00 am and headed for Butte, MT. That's right NO Yellowstone National Park. Seems that there is snow there for the entire Memorial Day weekend, culminating with a high on Monday of 39 degrees F. (which is about 4.5 degrees C). I am sure many campers heading there are disappointed (including us) but to be honest, it is just not something we want to do, camp in the snow. We are just heading back to Alberta right away. Seems that the next few days here in the northern part of US is going to be just crappy weather!!

The drive is very nice, with big sweeping valleys and mountains:

Mr. Sparky, just in case you need him...

Very pretty here, north and east of Salt Lake City, even if a little chilly!!

Whenever we are travelling like this, we stay only in hotels that give free breakfasts. Even though they are not fancy, they will give you that morning start and, being cheeky like I am, I always take a little for the road. A few pieces of fruit or a muffin or two......This makes a nice travelling lunch, even if you make it on your lap while on the move!!

Lunch at 60 miles per hour!!

So we kept on heading for Butte now because Yellowstone camping was out of the question in the snow.....Guess what we found on the way:

2.5 degrees Celsius (about 35 degrees F) and then this:

Yup, this isn't Mexico anymore!! How could we have fallen so far from the palm trees???

Then it got a bit better....until this:

Okay, we give up!! This is why we stopped in Butte, MT!! The other funny part of the story is that when we arrived here (of course, thinking that we could find that $60/night room....) is that there is a state-wide track and field meet, a baseball tournament and the Memorial Day weekend. We tried 3 different hotels and they were all sold out. We are now in the very nice Best Western-Butte Plaza Inn for a wonderful $125/night. Oh well, it's all an adventure!!

This is all part of the travel experience. Since we don't have a "big" motor home that we can hole up at a Wal-Mart type of place during this type of transit, we take these little bumps. I guess the "upside" of what we are doing with our Euri van is that our gas costs are quite a bit less than a "big" motor home. Not our choice to stay in a hotel when we were planning to stay in the van at Yellowstone and see "Old Faithful". We will plan a vacation to Yellowstone in the future and will give you all the full report. Just not sure "when" that will be, but it will be sooner than later!!

So, goodnight from Butte, MT. Tomorrow night, you will see us in the arms of family, again. We are really looking forward to that!! Medicine Hat, Alberta, here we come!!

Watch for our reports from there! There is lots to see and do in that great little prairie city!!


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