Monday, 7 May 2012

Melaque to Valle de Banderas (Bucerias)

Moving day!! We left Melaque about 10:30 a.m. We enjoyed this spot, Playa Trailer Park, and anyone coming down here should stay. It is right in the heart of town and was a nice treat to be able to just walk around in the evening. Traditionally, the trailer parks are on the outskirts of town, usually due to land costs being cheaper, so this was a real change for us:

Euri, all packed up and ready to go!

Looks like our own personal military escort, well, us & the Pepsi truck!! We have noticed that there certainly aren't as many checkpoints as there were in the Baja. On the Baja, we went through at least 5-6 checks and so far, none here on the mainland.......

Drive took us about 3.5 hours. We did not stop anywhere until we got to Puerta Vallarta for a brief Walmart run. The drive coming into P.V. from the south is quite nice with lots of fancy hotels and condos, seemingly hanging on the cliffs. I got a picture of the rocks from "The Night of the Iguana" movie with Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, but only through the van window:

 We arrived at Rancho Altarosa, just inland, about 10 minutes, from Bucerias. Very nice spot and very quiet! Gary & Jean have done a nice job setting up all the spots. Again, we are the only ones here, besides one permanent camper. They have made us feel very welcome!!

View out the front window of Euri...

...and the view out the back...

View from the road in...

...and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #1 Mexico!!!
Imagine, right here on site at the group palapa!!

So, here we are for the next few days, likely two more nights after tonight. We will do some exploring around the little town of Valle de Banderas which is right here and then we will go down into Bucerias. Doug has a bad cold, so we will see how he is feeling tomorrow!



  1. hey i got my new legion card in the mail today!!!

  2. There's a good and cheap place for takeout pollo asado in the town of Valle de Banderas!

    1. I imagine you two are out kayaking right now, but you wouldn't happen to know what it is called, would you?
      Have a great time in Chicago!!

  3. Looks like a nice place! This will be a little different visit to Bucerias for you! Get well Doug! and don't give your germs to Nancy!! lol!!

    1. Thanks Colleen! He seems to be a bit on the mend. You will have no problem getting Sunny in this place!