Saturday, 5 May 2012

Melaque (Day 3)

It is great to wake up to the sound of the waves. Some of them pound so hard, it sounds like a huge tree just fell right beside you. It shakes the van, it is really something to experience!! After breakfast, we went for a great long walk along the shore line:

I think Doug likes the sea...

Hotel Casa Grande, still closed after the earthquake hit Melaque in Oct 1995

First we walked north past the above ruined hotel.
Lots of people out having fun...

Then we turned and came back past our campsite. This is looking west.
Pretty amazing to see...

Looking southwest...

Just an incredible amount of surge & spray.
Our sunglasses were absolutely covered with salt...

Doesn't Euri look at home?

We do finally have some company, and they are from BC!!

After the beach walk we came back through town. It's always nice to see everything in town too!! 

Love street-side food - it's usually the best!!

Refreshment time, salad and then one more walk-about...

I'm thinking that this is a full moon??

Just wondering, who gets the job of blowing up all the pool and beach toys??

Well, that's is the day. Hope you enjoyed it with us. Always glad to have anyone and everyone coming along! We will probably stay one more day here and then move on on Monday. At least, that's the plan for now!!


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  1. Hi guys! Glad you are enjoying the sights and sounds of our favorite little "Mexican" beach town. But you are making me sad, I want to be there with you! Oh well maybe next year!!