Friday, 4 May 2012

Melaque (Day 2)

You know, sometimes you just have to face up to things and admit when you have made a MISTAKE!!! When the chap at the desk said that it "could" get noisy with the weekend coming, we thought, that's okay, just people having fun. At no time did he mention that we would be in a parking lot filled with buses. This is what it looked like when we woke up this morning (after one of the diesel buses running beside us for 30 minutes). 

Can you see Euri...way in there?

We are outta here!!

So we rode our bikes about 10 minutes back into town and found the other RV park, Playa Trailer Park and decided to move there. BUT, that requires going back to the first place and re-packing all the stuff into Euri, a hurry!!

This is what the van looks like when you just chuck everything into it and I even rode down to the new place in my seat while it was still BACKWARDS!!

Unlike the one last night, this is a proper RV park. The other one was a parking lot with a few RV's.....and lots of buses. The reason we didn't go to this one first yesterday is because they do not have hot water for the showers. We will just use our "Hot Jugz" shower that we have and take it into the bathroom with us. I think you will agree that this is much nicer: 

This is the view from our patio!!

We are all MUCH happier now.....

I will take more pictures tomorrow (you know that to be true....) but it is nice here and is right smack dab in the middle of town and is still pretty quiet. The biggest noise we hear now is the CRASHING of the waves and believe me, sometimes they sound like they are coming right up here!! Like I said, we have the whole place to ourselves so that means private bathrooms!! The owner lives on site and there is another family that rents part of the house. The cute little girl was outside on her patio doing lessons on her computer. Oh, and there are four friendly terrier type dogs too. So, tonight we felt we deserved dinner out and a walk about town - in the evening, imagine!! That is why this post is a bit late!!

Our friends Al & Colleen come to Melaque lots and told us about a restaurant they like:

View from the restaurant...

You can see how the water's edge is quite a bit lower than where this fellow is standing, pretty steep drop and still the waves come up!! (Like in the photo above)

Hey Al, Doug likes it here!!

I think I do too!!

So remember, when you are out there exploring things and travelling around, don't be afraid to admit that "we have made a mistake" and MOVE ON!!! There is sometimes a better spot, just around the corner. We will enjoy checking out Melaque-San Patricio over the next few days, whereas before, we were ready to leave town!!

.....Just remember us when you all hop into your warm showers tomorrow!!



  1. I know you're going north, but the further south you head along the coast, the less you will see hot water in the showers. In fact, it's very rare to find hot water in a campground.

    1. Well, I washed my hair this a.m. in cold water and survived. We have filled up the solar jug and are waiting to see if the sun did it's job of heating it up!!

  2. Looks like you have a great spot. Look forward to seeing more pics.

    1. Thanks Michael. New spot is nice. We now have company. Another little rig from BC too!!