Thursday, 31 May 2012

Medicine Hat (Day 6)

Since Euri was in the garage getting an oil change, we decided that a walk was in order, especially after all the scrumptious food we have been eating since we have been here!!
Well, the day was bright and sunny so it was off to the Saamis Teepee, the world's tallest teepee.

Originally constructed for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics, the Saamis Tepee is a tribute to Canada’s native heritage. It towered above the Olympic caldron during the opening and closing ceremonies. Built entirely of steel with a concrete foundation, the tepee is ringed with 10 large circular story-boards depicting aspects of native culture and history. Below the tepee, in Seven Persons coulee, lays one of the Northern Plains archaeological sites - the Saamis Archaeological Site. This self-guided walking tour will show you one of the most important archaeological sites of the Northern Plains. The area was once a buffalo camp and meat processing site. Experts believe over 83 million artifacts are buried at the site. Wow!!!


Here's a few interesting facts for you:

Height: 215 Feet (65.5 Metres)
Diameter: 160 Feet at base (48.8 Metres) - 20,000 sq ft
Structure weight: 440,800 pounds (200 tonnes)
Foundation weight: 1,760,000 pounds (800 tonnes)

Built to withstand extreme temperatures and 150 mph winds.
Colors are white for purity, red for the rising and setting sun, and blue for flowing waters
Saamis is the Blackfoot word for eagle tail feather headress (or a hat worn by a Medicine Man also called a Medicine Hat - hey that's where we are!!)

There we are - really, really tiny!!

After some time at this great spot here, it was off to the trails below. Super pretty area. All to often, people just speed by these spots on the highway never stopping to appreciate what is out there!! All along the trails, there are little words written...just to make you stop and think!

Going into Seven Persons Coulee.....

...and under the highway to...

 Kin Coulee Park, a nice city park. It is 100 acres and is almost totally manicured!!

...and then it was way up the stairs to the other side of the park!!

Well, that pretty much wraps up our Medicine Hat visit. We had a great dinner at Duane & Agnes' place tonight. Grandma Beglaw, Kyle & Kristy, Diane & Brian and us all ate very well indeed!! Many thanks guys!!

From our hearts to yours:


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