Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mazatlan to Los Mochis

Another travelling day! We diligently set the alarm for 7:30 am this morning. We were very happy to find out that Mazatlan is in a different time zone, so it was actually only 6:30 am. That meant that we were on the way out of town, earlier than expected!! As was expected from looking at the map, the toll-road is pretty straight-arrow, northbound, four lane the whole way. We also went through several checkpoints today. One was an army one, one Federal Police and one for those pesky fruits! Apples, they are the ones that seem to cause the most "problemas". We are always glad to see the checkpoints in place because they help to keep everybody safe!! says our Carmen Garmin too!  What is this, 107 kms/hour?
Hold on, because it looks like we will have a hard right turn in about 285 kms!!

Looking pretty deserty right here, just like the Baja!!

Tomatoes for salsa, anyone?

...or ketchup???

Los Mochis is a very nice size of town. If we had gotten the ferry from LaPaz last month (the swanky looking one!!) It would have brought us here, to the port of Topolombompo, which is essentially Los Mochis. That ferry ride would have taken 6 hours, instead we went south to Mazatlan on the "other" ferry, which took us 16 hours, but is quite a bit further south...and we liked that ferry better!!! yup....)

Anyway, we have the utmost luxury of staying in a hotel tonight, City Express Hotels. In fact, we will probably use the same hotel chain in Hermosillo tomorrow night too. It is a bit of sensory overload, once again, to have SO much room!! (not to mention a queen size bed!!) We will head out for a walk and then get a good start on the day tomorrow. Our drive up to Hermosillo is about 500 kms, on all toll highways again. Oh, by the way, our tolls today cost about $350 ps ($28) but they are such a time saver when you are trying to get "somewhere". The whole area on the drive northward today is really farming country, tons of crops, corn, soya and some that we couldn't even identify. Experimental farms, etc. Very modern facilities too. Also they have the port of Topolombompo, so that keeps this area very well oiled with money. It isn't really at all like being in a Mexican town. Home Depot, Starbucks, Carls Jr., pretty much every chain store you can think of. Not the type of Mexico for us anyway, but still it's a nice rest off the highway this evening.

We learned long ago that the problem when you drive in Euri, with no air-conditioning, is that when you get out and go into a store that has their air conditioning running at about 18 degrees celcius, you actually feel pretty cold and then it's terribly hot when you step back out into 38 degree weather again!! We would rather they figured out a happy medium!! Oh well. Also, prices are reflective of a more "American/Canadian" type of world here. Two venti drinks, two lemon cake slices = $161 ps (about $14 - YIKES!!!) We went into Starbucks to use the tablet computer to find a hotel for the night. This hotel turned out to be about 1/2 a block away, so very convenient......

Green Tea Venti was still good, but too expensive!!

For dinner, we went out to a little place, not too authentic. Had 2 Hamburguesas with fries and a pitcher of lemonade for $138 ps plus tip - better than Starbucks!!


  1. Sounds like Italy............small coffee bars are cheap but the hotels can be a bit pricey. A good espresso at a hwy rest stop are only €.80 or about $1.10. Best deal was for a bottle of wine, same one at our garden party was only $2.50 for 750ml. Also found lots of pink wine.

    1. Isn't it funny that wine can be your best, most economical buy? Hope you guys are getting a "kick" out of Southern Italy!!

  2. Great trip you made!! I dont know about los mochis but, mazatlán is such a beautiful place I wish I could go back there!