Thursday, 17 May 2012

Los Mochis to Hemosillo

We have been in Mexico for 64 days. Wow, seems hardly possible that it is nearly over for now! I will sum up our feelings tomorrow on how everything went and report on how our border crossing goes. I am sure it will be just as smooth as our crossing southbound.

Today, I will tell you that we had read all about the Pemex Gas Stations and how careful you should be with regards to proper fill-ups, proper charges, proper change given, etc. Up until this morning, we only had good reports about each and every Pemex station we went to. Like I said, up to today's Pemex in Los Mochis. The attendant scammed us of $450 ps.

This is how it went down: Attendant filled up the van. Charge was $519 ps. Doug handed him a $500 ps note, a $20 ps note and a $5 ps coin (tip-yup...). Doug then turned and grabbed the cap to quickly put it back on the van and the attendant turned back and said, "incorrecto pesos "and held up a $50 ps note and our $20 ps note. In our haste, we asumed, naturally, that we had mixed up our $50 & $500 - something that we have NOT done here in 64 days, but we let our guard down for just this one fill-up. Of course, we weren't thinking right and handed him ANOTHER $500 ps note. This means he pocketed $450 ps (because he gave us back that $50 ps note, that wasn't ours). The way we figured it out is that I was putting away the money and discovered we were exactly one $500 ps note short. If we hadn't gone down the highway by 1/2 hr at this point, I think that Doug would have driven back and let him know, in our pathetic broken Espanol, that we knew what he had done, just to give us some satisfaction. Oh well, our fault for letting down our guard. Now we have a new plan. After fill-up and before payment is made, Doug will put the gas cap back on and then tell me (inside the van) what we owe. I will then hand him the money and he will give it to the attendant, counting it out, one bill at a time, loudly. Not much more we can do than that. We had read about this type of thing happening and had not encountered it, until today, our last full day in Mexico. It's too bad because everyone else was really good. I hope he needed it badly. Maybe he will donate it to a good cause? (right!) Still, it makes us mad to have to change what we were doing because we were being very careful. Once burned, twice shy they say. Enough said.....

Drive today is very desert-like, just like the Baja, only with wider roads! We arrived in Hermosillo at 2 pm and are staying at the Ibis Hotel. It's nice, clean and the room is cool with the a/c running. The temperatures on route were soaring to unbelievable levels. About 50 kms south of Hermosillo, the temperature was 41.5 degrees C in the van while driving!!

...looks like the Baja!

...but this is what it was when we got out of the van in the hotel parking lot!!

Well, this is how we feel about our time. L-O-V-E it! We will write more from Arizona!!



  1. Yup. Common scam at Pemex's. We don't ever fill up...ask for a flat rate amount, never a fill up, and always have the exact amount in your hand so that you don't need to worry about change. And yes, hold it in your hand and count it out with the guy in front of you asking him "Si?" as you hand it to him. Gotta be on your toes in Mexico!

  2. Hey Nanc,

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog and am so glad you guys have had such a great trip, it brings a smile to my face every time I read of your adventures.

    Bobbi JO