Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lo de Marcos to Mazatlan

Travel day!! Well, it took us about 5.5 hours to get here. First, we had to say good-bye to Pretty Sunset RV Park. Great place to stay. Listening to the waves pounding at night was the greatest thing!! If you are heading this way, avoid Rincon de Guayabitos (our opinion) and head straight to Lo de Marcos......

Anyway, the first part leaving the coast is very mountainous and lots of switchbacks. Pretty tricky but Doug & Euri pulled it off perfectly.

Always a sugar cane truck to keep everyone going the speed limit!!

Remember when we were headed southbound and I talked about the ENTIRE army looking like they were heading northbound, well, they were heading northbound, AGAIN!! There had to be at least 40 convoy vehicles with personnel in them and many support vehicles too. They had signs about not cutting into the convoy line (really, who would do that??). It was funny to see people passing that line-up as soon as we got onto a 4 lane highway. I figure that you should never pass the army...I mean really, don't you want them up ahead of you?? Just like when we lived in Alberta, you NEVER pass the snowplow either - same kind of thinking in my world!!

All in all a nice drive back to Mazatlan, although the temperature gauge in Euri did reach 41.5 degrees C. It was neat coming back to the same trailer park, San Fernando RV Park, that we stayed in the few days after catching the ferry over from the Baja. Alexandra still remembered us and we settled right in, if only for the night. Naturally, we went for a swim first and then headed right out for a walk to Chile's Restaurant on the beach (I mean, really, who is going to be cooking in 36.5 degree C. heat anyway??)

...some "on the house" drinks....

a little more walking....

Neighbourhood dogs protecting their roof - I mean, what happens
if the burglar just walks in the FRONT DOOR??

snazzy sidewalk art....

And back again into the pool, all to ourselves....

Well. that's it for us in Mazatlan, again. I wish people could have seen us trying to get these shots, with the little tripod, poised on the edge of the pool and me jumping back and forth - pretty funny looking I am sure. Usually we are laughing so hard that we can't even look at the camera!! 

Up again the the alarm clock (hey, what is this anyway!!??) and off to Los Mochis, about 450 kms north on the toll highway (good travel time!!). We will certainly update tomorrow if we have internet again. Stick finally ran out last night, that is why we had trouble posting!!


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