Monday, 14 May 2012

Lo de Marcos (Day 4)

Last day here and we didn't even leave the campground except to get milk, beef at the carceneria, etc. "We" washed the van, which actually means Doug washing the van and I sort of helped.....We are having trouble with our internet this evening. We are leaving here tomorrow early and heading for Mazatlan where we will stay overnight. Pressing homeward. Enjoy the photos. The system will not let me go below them to add my usual quippy comments!! Goodnight...

Well, I did at least offer him a glass of wine!!

...and I made one of my famous one tin pan meals that we have grown fond of...

Last night in Lo de Marcos - nice sunset, again!! 


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  1. Homeward bound! Who would believe the time would go by so fast! Can't wait til next year!!!