Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lo de Marcos (Day 3)

Happy Mother's Day to our Moms, Helen & Nadyne - We Love You!! Also, Happy Mother's Day to all our friends and family who are Moms as well!!

Started off this morning with my favourite chef preparing our gourmet pancakes!

Then we got the really bright idea (after having a few margaritas, cuz that's when you get your BEST ideas) that we should actually try to go IN the ocean, instead of just admiring it. Now, I was born and raised on the ocean but must admit, sadly, that I am not an ocean-type of swimmer and Doug is a prairie guy. Clearly, he is much braver than I. He went right out and as you can see by the following pictures, he was pretty far out there. I actually think that I was almost panicking about just how far out he really was, so my pictures are not the greatest. 

This one really swamped him and I was too busy screaming to get the next shot!!

Yup, then it was my turn - see I am not so brave to go out that far!!

Then, a nice young man on the beach from Guadalajara offered to take "our" picture....

Can you see that monster wave heading straight for us?????

Yup, that's it for us!!!!

That's it for the day. Thanks, as always, for tuning in to check on us. We really appreciate knowing you are all out there!! Looks like we will be here for one more day then we leave on Tuesday morning (early) to head back to Mazatlan - homeward bound now!!



  1. Yep, I'm here. But, I don't often comment. I'm trying to sell our house so we can follow you two, and Kevin and Ruth. Loving both your Blogs. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lou. Good luck on your house sale. We couldn't be happier with what we have chosen to do! Mexico will be waiting for you!!

  2. Here too...but back in Canada. Wish we were still in Mexico.