Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lo de Marcos (Day 2)

Not much going on today. Firstly though, morning coffee with a view....

...then we rode into town. I know, pretty hectic. Most of you will have noticed, by now, that we like to live a little on the slow side!! It is a nice ride as the town centro is only about 4 minutes away. Very pretty too in bright red!!

Can you see Doug, riding, on the right side?

We stopped at the veggie stand and this little guy belongs to the owner. When she put him on the ground, he started making a run for it to the street. She scooped him up and plopped him down on the corn. It was hilarious......of course, he just started pecking away at the corn! Well, it was handy after all!!

Proof positive that ANYTHING can be hung up on a line to dry - even my lettuce!!

Fishing boat all ready to go.....

Day is done. It was pretty hard to top the parrot picture, wasn't it? Like I said, seems that we don't do much yet we pass the day pretty quickly! I am still trying to get over this lousy cold so I am coughing and sneezing up a storm. I am sure everyone down here thinks I have brought the swine flu back!!

Here is our heart for everyone we love - you know who you are!! If we don't know you, please pass this heart onto someone that YOU love!!

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to our two special Mom's!! We L-O-V-E you both!!


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