Friday, 18 May 2012

Hermosillo to Eloy AZ (Phoenix)

We left Hermosillo about 8:30 am this morning and it was already 32.5 degrees C. Wow - another hot one was on it's way! Hotel was nice. We just had muffins we had bought at Wal-Mart the day before and Doug went downstairs to get us a coffee, then it was on the road!!

  Euri waits the heat!

...just more miles of desert, dry mountains and cacti - just like the Baja!

At topes, you can buy anything...parrots, like here-look closely! Buns, chairs, fruit!!
(Can you imagine buying a baby parrot at a tope???)

Here is the lady taking the info so she can remove our Vehicle Permit
at the Km 21 Checkpoint...

...and right across the street is the Tourist Permit office (which is actually for southbound) where we ran over, went in and had our Passports stamped for "Out" of Mexico....
VERY IMPORTANT-Do not miss this step!

These are trucks lined up for Northbound clearance & crossing.
There was probably 2-3 kms of them. Not sure how long it will take them (in that heat too!) 

Nogales border crossing. Arrived at 12:30 and got through, after brief
inspection about 1:30 pm

"The" fence at the border. Life can be so different, from one side to the other.
Hard to really understand why...

Back on the U.S.A. side!!

Very cool Picacho Peak.....

Well.....we are back to the US. I will recap our  Mexico leg on the blog, this weekend at some point, although I am not sure how to go about wrapping it up. There was just so many things that amazed us, so many people that we were thankful to have met.....

This evening we decided to get another hotel room. We are in Eloy, AZ at the Day's Inn, just south of Phoenix. It was still in the high 30's when we arrived and the thought of setting up camp in such heat was a bit overwhelming to say the least. The hotel costs $48 US (incld. tax) and the campground we were looking at costs $34 US. We figured for the extra $14 US, we would enjoy the air conditioning and continental breakfast. We will be on the move again tomorrow, heading for the Grand Canyon Village where there are a few campgrounds to choose from.

Just you don't all think we had gotten all fancy, schmancy on you...this is our dinner, just food that we had in the fridge (that thankfully wasn't seized at the border)
and NOT even our green tea, just coffee that was in the room!!! 

Hopefully, we will have internet. If you don't hear from us for a day or so, don't worry...we promise NOT to fall over a cliff!!

So, onto another adventure!!! Exploring our way through Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and all the way up to Canada's beautiful province of Alberta!! I hope everyone will still want to ride along with us. Mexico was amazing and we will be back there, but for now it will be the US and Canada in our sights!!


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  1. The hotel costs $48 US (incld. tax) and the campground we were looking at costs $34 US.

    Sure makes you wonder, doesn't it??