Thursday, 24 May 2012

Grand Canyon to Nephi UT

The wind continued to howl last night, then magically, when we awoke it was all calm again (other than a raven trying to drag away our little bag of garbage, that was under the van...).

Sadly, we left the Grand Canyon this morning. We continued out Desert View Drive to the east and stopped at the last remaining viewpoints that we hadn't already seen, with coffee in hand. You just cannot do the photos justice. A photographer mentioned that these past few days were some of the worst photography conditions. Light haze from the forest fires, blazing sun and heat, all creating the "imperfect photo opportunity" Sometimes though when you are travelling, you just have to take the photos anyway, despite the conditions. 

This IS a place of magic. I asked Doug which viewpoint or spot he enjoyed the most and he said he couldn't choose. They were all amazing for him, every time he walked to the edge. For me, my favourite memory is seeing it for the first time. A sight you cannot forget. "Mine eyes have seen the glory", indeed, for it is glorious!! Everyone should put it on their bucket list to come and see. If you do want to come down with a trailer or tent, book yourself a reservation first. VERY IMPORTANT!! You should stay at least 3 nights. We wish we could have done a bit of the trail walks, even partway down the canyon. We were so lucky to have gotten in. It was thanks due to Miss Carolyn at the park service, but I don't think that happens very often........

You are looking west in this shot...

The last stop is the Watchtower on Desert View Drive. After this, the highway pulls you further east, so here are our last shots. Mary Coulter, an artist, was commissioned many decades ago by the government to help design different points of interest in the Grand Canyon National Park and one of the tings she did was this tower. The view is glorious. See for yourself. The inside of the building is amazing too!! 

Inside panorama....

Looking east from the top floor of the Watchtower...

Please, please, go to Grand Canyon. You will never regret it if you do!! Remember, you will always remember the first time you see it!!

After, the highway pulls you east until you reach Hwy 89, at Cameron, AZ. You turn north and keep on going. Some of the scenery is breathtaking too. The red earth, soaring mountains.....

Welcome to Utah!!

Can it be....trees??!!

I did tell Doug that I would try and pace myself driving to two hour stints. So, my first stint was in California, the second on the Baja and this is the third!! Well, I don't want to over do it now??!! Besides, typically like most men, he likes driving!!

 We are all snuggled up at the base of this mountain tonight in Nephi UT.

So, that's it for the night. We are staying at the Super 8 Motel as this is a travel day. Not too enjoyable to set up the camp for a night, only to get up and leave at 7:00 am again. We will be up bright and early tomorrow (Friday) and will be on the road to Yellowstone National Park!!


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