Thursday, 24 May 2012

Grand Canyon (Day 3 additional)

First of all, I should apologize to our blog readers about my little hissy fit last night!! So sorry!! Here is what I could not put on the blog from yesterday. We did not ride our bikes, as I had said, due to the very high winds, but we did ride one of our favourite routes, the orange route, out to Yaki Point and did some photos there......(including the one of Doug, trying to talk on the phone to Telus!!)

Arriving at the cafe, with the comuters strapped onto the back of Doug's bike to try and use the internet and we know what happened there!!

For some reason, there was a dessert truck roving around the campsite when we got back!!

After our bus tour we stopped at the visitor centre as well and picked up a DVD on the Grand Canyon that is pretty cool!

That's it for last night........


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