Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Grand Canyon (Day 2)

We had a great day!! First, because we found out that we can stay until Thursday morning and second because we did another amazing walk around the South Rim!

We had the same reaction when we saw it again this morning.....UNBELIEVABLE!!! We did the walking today, so we will let the photos do the talking.

Can you see the Colorado River?

Buses that take you all over the park...

Doug!!! Get back onto the right side!!!

This shows you how narrow some of today's trails were and how close to the straight drop to the canyon below they are. Like we said, you only make a mistake once here in G.C.!!

Straight down.....

Can anyone see the bunny???

Way down there, Bright Angel Trail, people are still out walking down & up!!

So, we had a great day! It was hot so you do have to drink lots of water and always bring more than you think you will need (and snacks too)

Tomorrow we are going to take our bikes out to Yaki Point and back. That should be a good ride (about 10 kms). Again, we have to post these from the cafe down the road. Now we are heading back up to Euri for a nice hot cup of tea and bed!!


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  1. Great photos of the Grand Canyon! What an amazing sight! My husband has lived in Arizona for nearly 40 years and has not seen it yet. It's on the bucket list! Enjoy the rest of your stay in AZ. Grace (from Tucson)