Sunday, 20 May 2012

Eloy AZ to Williams AZ (Saturday)

Wow - sorry for no post last night. We are in the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park (and Hotel is also here) and we have had terrible problems with connecting to their site. So, just to recap yesterday,Saturday, here goes:

We left Eloy, after their nice little contenental breakfast and headed up to Camping World in Mesa AZ, just for fun. Wandered around there and managed to scoop up a free lunch!

Look at all those lanes for traffic - and this is a Saturday!! Look out L.A.!!

After that little jaunt around Mesa, we headed up the highway for Williams, AZ. Before we got onto that highway though, we stopped at a really nice rest stop called Sunset Point. There is apparently a big forest fire burning on the other side of this ridge. We have noticed that the area is slowing changing from just desert to lightly forested. It is pretty neat. Lots of different vegetation too.

Doug checking the forest fire....

Pretty much self-explanatory!

We arrived in Williams, AZ (just 35 miles west of Flagstaff) about 3:00 pm.  This town is on the famous Route 66 highway, so that is cool that we have been able to drive on that! Really liked the drive and it was SO much cooler!! (well, 25.5 degrees celcius!!) That does feel cooler when you have been in 40 degree plus weather while driving!! (Sneak information from last night though, it went down to 5.5 degrees celcius, that was different from what we are used to!!) We are at 7,000 ft elevation!

This area is SO much like the Canmore/Banff area,
just missing are the really high mountains! This is about 10 miles away from the park.

Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is a very tidy - ie not a shrub or stone out of place!! It isn't the type of place for us for a long stay (....and where are those lovely palm trees anyway??) but it is a really nice park for it's amenities, beautiful bathrooms & laundry and it is right in town, but it is really designed for big rigs, not little guys like us! Also, when you stay at the park, it entitles you to use the lovely pool at the hotel. Here are a few shots from set-up yesterday.

Tidy, but pretty spartan, after what we have been used to, huh?

Amenities building with bathrooms, laundry and to the left are gas BBQ's, etc.

We are definitely the national park/provincial park type of people but this is fine for a few days. It is a bit like being parked in a parking lot. Right now we are trying to find out if we can get into one of the trailer sites right at the Grand Canyon. Looks a bit dismal so far. There is a nice train trip from here, or we can drive, up there. It is about 60 miles and we could go for the day to explore tomorrow (Monday). Not sure.

Now we know that we can come to the hotel lobby and have better luck with the internet. We will come back this evening (Sunday) and show today's post and our rides around town. We had some fun!!

Cheers for now!

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