Monday, 30 April 2012

Valle de Juarez (Day 5-Monday)

Sorry about the late posting. We were playing La Loteria at Barb & Sal's tonight. Pretty fun game, teaches you Spanish words. We can use ALL the help we can get!!

Didn't do much today. Went into town with Barb & Ruth, cleaned out some things in the van, did some laundry, etc,

The ride into town was fun because Doug & I rode in the back of Barb's little pick-up truck.We stopped at the sausage making lady's house, the veggie lady, the butcher, and the market to stock up on a few things. Put everything in the back of the truck and came back. Sorry no photos. It was one of the absolute rare times when I did not bring my camera!! Bad on me - won't happen again, promise!!!

 Did some re-decorating....

Doug says in the marine world, when you arrive in a port of another country, your host country's flag should always be flown above your own.....

Happy hour with Don Quixote....

Snack time for some...

Nope, I won't share my wine, even with you!!!

After a bit, Don Quixote got a bit antsy because he was hungry for dinner, so I walked him back - that, I have NEVER done before!! Walked a donkey..... 

Now, that is talent, didn't spill a drop!!

So, low profile day. After dinner we went up to Sal & Barb's with Kevin & Ruth and played La Loteria. Like I said above, we can use all the help we can get with our Spanish!!

Sal getting ready to cut the deck of cards!!

It's like bingo, only you shout "Bueno" when you get a row done...of course, you have to take your turn at calling out the items from a deck of cards!! It costs $1 peso per card to play and we all played with two cards. I won $22 pesos-not bad, and I worked on my Spanish!!! I think Doug & I will have to buy one of these when we are in town!!!

Tomorrow is the fiesta here. We are helping Barb & Sal anyway we can so we are really looking forward to it!


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