Sunday, 29 April 2012

Valle de Juarez (Day 3-Saturday)

Wedding Day!!  Can you imagine being invited to a wedding in Canada when you had only been around for 1 day?? It just would never happen!! Sal & Barb were invited to a wedding of his cousin's daughter, at the father of the groom's ranch. When Barb mentioned that she had us and Kevin & Ruth as campers the family said, "No problem, everyone is welcome!!" Mexico is just like that! It was about 15 minutes from the campground.

Well, first I had to get my hair cut for such an auspicious occasion, compliments of Mrs. Ruth:

Then, we had to give Don Quixote some of our left-over tortillas:

Road up to the ranch....

All gussied up!!

Kevin & Ruth.....gussied up too!

Sal & Barb Contreras...also gussied up!!

The evening's entertainment!!

Of course, let's not forget the bride & groom!!

We just couldn't get over getting invited. I mean, the families didn't even know Doug & I, it was really neat, definitely a highlight in this journey!! Funny thing was, everyone was just visiting at their tables and someone says..."hey, I think they are getting married now..." There was no pomp & ceremony, just the civil ceremony and then party time!!

 Nice haircut, thanks to Mrs. Ruth!!

Well, all was going well, when Doug noticed that the NEXT table had a bottle of "1800 Anejo" at their table. So, he schmoozed with them and the lovely Miss Susanna, got up and gave him a nice shot of the "good stuff"....oh brother.....

There's Doug & his new friend, Susanna!! (incidentally, she owns a restaurant in town, so we are going to go their for breakfast this week. Wonder if this tequila is on the menu??)

Dinner was great! Carnitas and beans, fresh tortillas....

We had a wonderful time. We just cannot say enough good things about Mexican hospitality. We got home about 9:30 pm. Another great day here at Hacienda Contreras. Did I mention, people, that you all "gotta come here"??



  1. I must admit It's pretty cool to be welcomed to a wedding hosted by a family you don't know.

    1. You got that right, Dean!! But Sal Contreras knew everyone and it was his cousin's daughter, so I guess that was enough!!

  2. What fun! And I have to say that your hair looks GREAT!!!