Sunday, 15 April 2012

Todos Santos (Day 2)

Well, once again, we managed to pedal our butts all over the place. Instead of visiting any shops today (....hooray!!) we went for a long bike ride through town and then north of town. This is a nice little town. Lots of artisan shops and little stores. As with lots of smaller Mexican towns that we have seen, the main drag is mostly paved and most of the side streets are dirt (mostly). Here are some shots of the "downtown" area: 

This is my favourite shot!!

We did take a few wrong turns, which seem to always end up good because we see things we normally wouldn't have. Cool neighbourhoods of organic produce, cows, horses, donkey's (all of them had bells on??) A nice little hotel plunked down, almost in the middle of them. The best part was when we actually got to where we were headed, the ocean. Take a look:

Notice all the dead palm fronds at the bottom of this tree above. Well, I always wondered when I saw these, why doesn't someone cut all that dead stuff off? I learned today that those are the ones they use for palapa roofs. Duh!!! I am not sure if I figured they plucked off the green ones, or what but anyway, something learned! The picture below how some workmen stacking the nice ones up neatly and then bundling them up to take back to their shop....

...and there you go.....

Super cute and we just walked in - and used the bathroom by the pool. "Hotelito" it's called
We are getting pretty cagey about that!! Absolutely no one about, few cars parked, 
still about 10 minute ride to the beach.....

Found it!!! Pathway to the beach!!

I really wish you could have heard the roar of these waves. After living most of our lives near the sea, you would think we would be used to seeing it, in all it's glory, but we are not. It was simply amazing. The noise was incredible. This last shot we are actually up on a little hill above them and they still look pretty. big. There is no swimming allowed anywhere along here as there is a wicked rip-tide and you will not come back out. Again, these shots just cannot in any way capture the size and scope of this beach. Loved it!!! We stayed for about 2 hours then nearly burned our feet getting back to our bikes and it was about a 20 minutes ride back into town.....some of it was even uphill and Doug can always outdo me on those!!

After that we stopped at a local taco house that was recommended to us. Baraja's Tacos. The kind of place we really like. We were the only non-Mexicans there so it was really fun. Had a great meal for $100 ps. (about $8.00). This one guy pounded up pork, inside this little glass cage, the WHOLE time we were there. He must have really strong arms!!!

Our plate of condiments, just waiting for the tacos....

You can see how busy it is....

Well, that was our day. Did you all enjoy the beach?? We loved it! Probably stayed a little past what our sunscreen said we should, but we're okay!!

Tomorrow morning we will pack up and head for La Paz to the one and only trailer park there. That way we are close to the ferry terminal as we leave for the mainland on Tuesday at 6 pm. We still have to sort out our vehicle permit for the mainland so we want to allow ample time so we aren't running around like madman/woman!! We will have some challenges loading up for the ferry as we have committed to putting the bikes INSIDE the van! It changes the cost quite substantially so we opted to put them inside as it takes 3 to 4 feet off our total length. Should be fun stacking everything up!!

Anyway, thanks for riding along everyone, but couldn't some of you do some of the pedalling, just once in awhile??!! 



  1. Must hear those waves! Thanks for the bike ride!

  2. make sure the bike chains are on the smallest will make your rear wheel removal 100 times easier