Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mazatlan to Etzatlan

Well, here we are....nice drive.

425+ kms and we arrived safe and sound at Delia's RV Park. We left Mazatlan at about 9 am this morning. I know, don't get all excited that we actually know how to get up EARLY, cuz we don't!! We were just motivated. You see, with that 425+ kms looming over our heads (after a leisurely 150 kms average travel per day on the Baja, we thought we should get up and get it going!!) plus there was a bike race for the next two days in Mazatlan, with tons of poeple....Anyway, drive was great. Pictures are never good on the road, but here is what I got:

Okay, we admit, we went to Mcdonald's for breakfast today, only.
We just had to try a McMuffin a la Mexicana...almost the same as Canada!!

Shrimp sellers about 1/2 hour out of Mazatlan...really, how many can possibly make
a living here, in the middle of nowhere-and are the shrimp kept cold??

Super great "toll" highways

Mark, no pine beetles here - looks like interior of British Columbia in the old days!!

Anyway, cruising along at 100 kms per hour most of the way, some places were 110 kms per hour!!  Pretty sweet, you really make good time!! Remember, we are used to the Baja where 60-80 kms per hour is the normal speed!! The only thing I found a bit strange was that at one of the toll booths there had to be about 15 army trucks, personnel carriers (lots of guns), etc. I said to Doug..."Holy cow, turn around, cuz they must know something that we don't know and they are all heading the OTHER way...!!!" (plus, do they get a break on the toll fares??) Speaking of tolls, to take these toll roads from Mazatlan to 40 minutes west of Guadalajara costs about $629 ps ($51.50 Cdn). I know this seems high, but to us it was worth it, knowing we could get to where we wanted in 5 hours!! We were okay with it! Then we arrived at Delia's Trailer Park in Etzatlan, Jalisco.

This is a farming community and we really like it. The poplulation is about 13,500 and that is just about right for us. Here are the first set of photos and we will have more tomorrow. They have BURROS here at their ranch...burros!!! I love them. I want to take them home!! They are adorable!!! Okay, there are horses too, but, really, who cares!!??

Mother, on left, and daughter...who needs a dog??? (and no, they aren't in a cage, they roam free in the big fields....burros!!!!!!!)

We are the ONLY campers here!!!

Road heading out of the park....

Kevin & Ruth-You guys have this same shot, only the tree is full of leaves in your picture, it is full of purple flowers!!

Small road in town, on our brief ride this evening... 

Little round-about...

Cobblestone streets, not sure how our butts will do on these!!

Doug seems to do okay on them....

Yes, we rode on the little highway!!!

I just HAD to leave you with the burros.....

Anyway, as you can see, we are quite comfortable here . We can hear the crickets chirping and other than that, the ocassional car driving by on the road out front. Tomorrow, we will see what is up. Apparently, there is a nice little hike up to the viewpoint. Probably have to do the laundry, which means strapping it onto the bike and riding into town!!!!! (somehwere back in Canada I actually have a nearly brand-new washing machine...but this is so much more fun!!) Eventually, we will get to Tequila for some of the tours at the tequila factories! 

Cheers everyone - love you, family & friends (...and burros)!! 

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