Friday, 20 April 2012

Mazatlan (Day 3)

Today, we started off with Doug doing a minor bike repair. Seems that when we took the bikes apart in La Paz for the ferry ride, something was rubbing on my front brakes, so he had to fix that. Pretty handy guy...

Kitties came around to visit. There are actually two sets. These first two are the parents. They don't look old enough. The second pictures are their new kittens...pretty small to be eating out of a tuna can!!

Parents, tsk, tsk....

Their babies, tsk, tsk.... about 3/4 the size of my hand.

So, remember I said Mario was coming at 12 pm today. Well, turns out he was sick, but he was diligent enough to arrange for one of this friends to come and get us. Nearly as nice a pulmonia! Also, he is a ferrari lover too!! Took us to Old Town to the Mercado Jose Pino Suarez municipal market.

Pretty skinny route, through the back. They were setting up for a big bike race
along the malecon so all traffic was diverted.

So we arrived at the municipal market. Oh my all I can say!!! The smells, sounds, people. Everything, and we mean everything, is available, including...well, see for yourself:

Fruits & veggies

Pinata stuffings...


Bet you were missing these brooms, weren't you??

Gotta have a pig's head....

Things galore....

...and more brooms!!

This market is one city block around. Just imagine the smells of savory, sweet, spicy, raw meat fish, old water, have it all and it is fantastic - NOT TO BE MISSED!!! There are people trying to get you to buy their products all the way around. Even outside, there are, it seems, just as many stalls...people, people, people!!

Candy/sweet shop

Well, after a little while, we tend to develop "sensory overload" and we need peace and quiet. We started walking and came upon an old "el centro" and some neat old houses:

This is for our friend, Roberto Bortolin!!

After all this, we took another pulmonia back toward home. We got out and carried on walking north til we found a nice restaurant that was a good price and had dinner, since we did not stop all day even for lunch.

Aspiring musicians....but one was a little clown!!

...did a bit of gift shopping after dinner. (I am not that much taller than him, he was standing in the stairwell) I love beach vendors - they work hard for their money!!

After that we walked home and went for a quick bike ride. We really liked Mazatlan. It seems to be a very nice place, very beautiful! It is a big city, but if you had more time to explore it, you could find those areas that aren't so busy. Wish we could have done that.

We have packed up camp and will be on the road for Etzatlan (near Tequila) for tomorrow in the early morning. It will be about 450 kms so it is a big driving day. We have it on good authority that it is totally do-able in one day with mostly divided toll highways. We are looking forward to it.

We have a revision to the Guadalajara part of our plan. We will not be stopping there. We have had our fill of big cities and wish to head to the smaller centres. We will catch Guadalajara next time through. You can't get to everything!!

That's it - talk to you AFTER our big driving day!!



  1. Hahaha oh man in that picture with the sunglasses and action figures I laughed my ass off I think those are the kites that look like a ninja turtle or Spiderman or hulk hogan are parachuting....those things are hilarious!!!!!!!! Looks awesome! Love you guys

  2. Looks like you are having a great time. I assume you will be staying at Delia's Trailer Park in Etzatlan, if so make sure you say hi to Bonnie for us. We really enjoyed our week there.

    Kevin and Ruth