Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mazatlan (Day 2)

Great night's sleep. We must have been tired! Nice little neighbourhood. Very much a housing district, just off the main drag. Today, we took a leisurely time with our fancy breakfast of toast & coffee. Here is our "home" for the next few days:

Across the street is a little daycare.....super cute (oh and a tope - everyone hits it a bit too fast, except the locals!! 

Nice little pool & party area - just for us!!

Euri looking at home - nice little houses behind us, but no one seems to ever be
outside on the balconies! See our nice cement pad - fancy red!!

Nice little manager/bathroom building - looking out towards the gates...

Covered lounge area by the pool....

Then we went for a walk down the malecon & beach. To do this first we had to walk about 2 kms to get to the malecon, but it was worth the walk. See for yourself:

We walked pretty much clear across this shot to the right-hand side...

This white grouping of buildings is where the malecon starts from.
That is where I took the panorama shot that is above this one.

Then it got too hot to be up on the malecon, so we went down below and walked the rest of the way by the water....which was a l-o-n-g way!!!

These next two shots are some of my favorites for the day. So, we are walking along the sand and there are always various little restaurants and things. We come across a little restaurant with not one, but TWO bands both playing with TUBAS!!!!! Now really, where else but Mexico are you going to find two wandering bands WITH tuba players.
And let me tell you, they were playing up a storm.....Pretty funny!!!
It's the things like this that make us thankful, everyday, that we have the chance to be here!! 

Even though you may notice that the tables are green in this shot, it is the same place.
In fact, if you look closely at the above photo, you can just make out the
edges of a green table the centre by the first umbrella on the left!!

So, we walked and walked. At this point, I feel obligated to apologize to our children's spouses, Kathy & Shawn, for the "collector" genes that both our kids have. I will admit, they got them from me. I simply cannot walk along a beach, path or anywhere else that I don't pick-up shells, rocks, bits and bobs. Sorry guys, but it's just something that I do. Doug, he already knows this. We picked up shells and sea glass, until my pockets were bulging. He laughed that people would ask him what he did in Mazatlan and he would say..."oh nothing, just picked up glass on the beach..." BUT, let me tell you, what a haul we got!!!

Now that, ladies & gentlemen, is sea glass.....and all in one pocket!!

After all that, we were clear at the other end of the malecon - about 3 miles. Doug wanted to get one of the neat little cabs back to the campground and I agreed. Now, these little cabs run up and down the malecon all day (and night I presume....) Besides, do you know how heavy all that glass was in my pocket??  The criteria was that it had to be a "cool one"  as per Doug!! About 5 went by us til he found the one he wanted!!   We got our "cool one" alright, Mario is our driver. Check this out:

Yes, Mr. Mario is a Ferrari fan. There are even red Brembo brakes on all four wheels. Josh, you would LOVE this thing!! So, while we were cruising back to the park ($60 pesos), we arranged for Mario to come back to the park tomorrow at 12 pm noon to pick us up again to take us up to the big market. Should be fun. He was pretty stoked and already has it in his phone!! Again, why do we LOVE Mexico??!!

Anyway, that's it. Had a great day and did not spend much money, which is our favorite kind of day!! Doug even negotiated with the ice truck guy that comes here and he left us a big block of ice, cut into 4th's for us. It is in the ice freezer here at the park. Also at this park, they are having a big party on Sunday, complete with banda music and lots of poeple. Seems that when it is quiet here, they rent it out for parties. Too bad we have to go on Saturday!!

Cheers - hope you enjoyed the walk, go ahead and soak your feet!!

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  1. Those little carts are called pulmonia's. We too hired one for a tour of the city off the "beaten path" when we were there a few years ago. We paid about $20 american for the entire day plus he delivered us baxkbto Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay which was a ways out of town. Great memories