Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mazatlan Arrival

Well, that was a great night. We both woke up a few times, with the rolling of the boat. You can hear the motors all the time. When you are on the outer deck, they are loud and a bit greasy smelling, but on board, it is just a noise that is almost soothing......This is our SUNRISE:

6:30 am - I KNOW!!!! how early for us!!

So after this, breakfast service was from about 8 am to 9 am. After breakfast, we went back up on deck to this:

Oh yeah - HUGE fog bank. In fact, it started when we were still about 1.5 hours away and stayed with us. So, we arrived "near" port at about 9:45 am (again, 15 minutes early) but could go nowhere and we just maintained our position.

Captain was looking for Mazatlan too! was Doug & this fellow...

Here is the funny part, and we thought it was a bit funny since we had NO schedule, but others may have, like the truck drivers (who make up about 70% of the people on the boat...) we sat for 3.5 hours. Almost right in the harbour but could not dock. Guess, just like an airplane, the harbour master/pilot has to be able to have a visual on the dock. Here he is arriving at the ship:

Should always know when everyone looks out one side! This huge tug arrived to help guide us into the dock. Can you see the fog bank over on the left side of this photo!! It never really left all day! 

I have tried to describe this old boat. She has good bones & a good hard-working heart. I am sure she has carried countless thousands of passengers without a hitch. Like I said, not fancy, if you were looking for fancy, this isn't the one, BUT it was a solid, safe and comfortable boat.....we LOVED it!! Go ahead, take it!!

Well, once again, that was the day. We are staying at San Fernando RV Park in Mazatlan, pretty much right in the hotel district, about a 20 minute walk from the malecon. Sorry I did not take any photos of the park yet, but they have a super cute little covered area and lounge area along with a beautiful small swimming pool. We are the ONLY guests here!! There are some permanently padded RV's but not many. Everyone else has already left.There is staff on site all the time. We went for a walk this evening just to gauge where we were and will enjoy exploring tomorrow. Hopefully, we will get out on the bikes too!

Guess that's a wrap.



  1. Glad you had an enjoyable boat ride. Same ferry we took four and a half years ago!

  2. Yeah, you are really in Mexico now! So where are you headed after exploring Mazatlan?? Doug must have an itinerary planned.