Saturday, 14 April 2012

Los Cabos to Todos Santos

Very short drive today. Only takes about 90 minutes to drive up here. We left San Jose del Cabo about 1:00 pm. Remember, we had to go back there to pick up our glassware. Lots of work being done on this part of the highway. In spots, it looks like a super highway!

...and this is what is on my lap while we drive - 98% of the time!! Mike & Terri Church's book, Camping Mexico's Baja - don't leave home without it!!!

About 7 miles south of Todos Santos (at Km 65) there is a turn-off that takes you to the Los Cerritos beach. Wow, what a gem that is. It is only about 4 kms of dry hard packed dirt road and then you come to a fabulous beach area. You are now on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja. Small boutique hotel, some little restaurants, etc. Oh, and surf shops, set up right on the beach.....and a lifeguard!!!!! 

This is the road in.....

Says it all, huh?

Boutique hotel up top....

See the dog under the shadow of the surf board?

This palapa is right at the foot of the hotel...

You can see that the beach goes much further than this stand...

Here is our handy, dandy beach lunch. We bought some groceries at Walmart before we left Cabo so we just carried them out to the beach and watch the surfers for a bit.....

So now it was time to get back in the van and get to El Litro in Todos Santos. It's a small, dusty little park. Bathrooms are fine and we scored a spot with a palapa and concete pad. Nice not to have to put up the awning for a change! 

Nice little spot for Euri....

View from the front of our spot-this is all there is to the park...

Anyway, after dinner, we walked downtown for a bit. Took us about 15 minutes to get there. There are loads of shops and artsy things to look at tomorrow, so I am sure our feet will be tired again! There is, apparently, a little Baja 100 race somewhere here tomorrow. We managed to see a few of the racers getting ready and though Josh would like these shots:

Also, we walked the back neighbourhoods and found the local baseball diamond, with a game underway. Somehow, there is a large hole in the back brick fence!

Guess nobody told him about the hole in the wall!

Haircut anyone???

So, that is it for tonight. We are sitting inside our "house". We have made our tea. Right now I can hear cats, the occasional dog barking, and my favourite, the man at the baseball game, which is only about 2 blocks away, shouting out things. Oh, and a cat fight. Cicadas are chirping. It is very peaceful. Since a rooster was crowing behind us already when we arrived, it tells me that we WILL hear from him in the morning!!

This little internet stick from Telcel we are using "might" run out tomorrow. Not sure. I don't think there is a big Telcel store in town, in fact I know there is not. If that is the case, we "may" have to wait until we get back up to LaPaz to "re-fill" it before we go on the ferry. So...if you don't see a blog entry tomorrow, that will be why. There could be an internet cafe in town, which case, I could use them. We will see what happens tomorrow!!

So, peace to everyone out there. Moms, kids & family....WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


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  1. Just updated myself on your adventure. You guys look so happy, and well fed.