Sunday, 8 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 9 & 10)

Day 9: Saturday Life in the's pretty cramped sometimes but we have worked out a good routine for getting everything ready for bed and for the morning. I am pretty sure that we could not do this everyday, meaning set-up and tear-down, but once you stay somewhere for a bit, it's pretty good:

the office/kitchen...

indoor laundry/living room...

bookroom/living room/bedroom...

upstairs storage/living room...
That's van living. You just have to know where to put everything!!

not sure what these are but boy are they big!!

Martin, the gardener here, will wash your rig for $1.50 US/foot.
I think he earned his money on this one!! This guy is getting redy to head back to Canada.

We walked down to the beach again to see what was new with everyone down there. Lots of wind today so lots of kite surfers!

Notice the colour of the water?? of the beach no less!!

Our new favorite, Mexican popsicles.....

La Fogata, just a few steps away from the park. Really good food!!

Nice Snapper dinner!!!

Not much else to report yesterday. Sweet hot weather. Just the way we like it for sure! Man, are we ever going through the ice! Soon it will be as big an expense as gas (...and beer!)

Doug would like to advise that he has now worn shorts and flip flops for about 21 days straight (with only a brief two day period of jeans...until noon or so!!)

Thanks for coming along.........


Day 10 Sunday-Bunny Day!! Well, we double checked around the van, but I guess the Easter Bunny couldn't find us!!

This morning there was an awesome Easter breakfast at the pool, put on by a few of the main-stayers here. Really nice to be invited as we are just "temporaries". We sat for awhile and had a nice visit with everyone. That was pretty much it for the day. Came back to the van and then proceeded to visit with the nice people next door, who were kind enough to introduce us to Chocolate Whipped Vodka.......very problem-matic, but hey, at least we got our chocolate for the day!!

Our neighbour, Susie...there's the vodka!!!!

Nothing else to report. Tomorrow we have been invited to go with Terri & Mike Church on a day trip excursion to Santiago. They are doing updates on their book and thought we might enjoy the ride. Really looking forward to it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!


  1. Hi guys
    Every day we look forward to reading about the Dago and Nancy adventure. The pictures make us feel as if we are on the adventure with you. How much is a bottle of beer? Just to make you feel even better, on our way to Kelowna it was snowing near Brenda Mines. Bob and Danna

  2. With the high price of fuel, sometimes I think about downgrading from my C-class to a B-Class or pop-up like yours. The biggest challenge would be my wife's urge to collect souvenirs - where would we put them? :-) Obviously you folks have that urge under control. Thanks for the inside photos.

  3. Glad you have been enjoying Los Barriles, we really enjoyed it there too. We went for many walks along the beach and up into the hills around and loved to just sit and watch the kite surfers. Would have tried it out but they wanted more money than our budget would allow. Looking forward to meeting up with in at the end of April.

    Kevin and Ruth