Saturday, 7 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 7 & 8)

Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope you all enjoy this long weekend. Spend time with those you love, okay?? You will notice that I am having to do the blog slightly different while we are here. Basically, the internet reception here SUCKS!!! (...even with our Telcel stick). I am getting completely flabbergasted with trying to upload pictures. It is taking sometimes 10 to 15 minutes of fiddling around to even upload one photo. This is why I have grouped some days together. A few stiff glasses of wine and tequila & I can summon the courage to "get 'er done!!"

Day 7: Thursday We went out for breakfast, probably Doug's favorite thing to do. There is a really nice little restaurant called Caleb's Place. It is up in one of the little neighbourhoods I told you about yesterday. It has a million dollar view, softly playing reggae music and GREAT people & food. Might have to make another trip before we leave!! What I really liked about this spot is that it is NOT on the main drag. It forces you up into the lovely neighbourhoods and allows you to mix even better with all the nice people (and by "mix" I mean at least getting to say "hola" to folks other than those in the main areas). We believe, more, we want to see something other than the main tourist drag. At least we rode our bikes & got some exercise. It is ALL up hill!!

looks pretty unasuming......

After breakfast, we rode around up top again. We really like it up here. It is a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood.. As you ride around, every once in a while, a dog comes racing out, barking his head off. He checks you out, deems you unworthy of the ruckus and then flops back down on the dirt driveway. That's it. No more energy is needed or is available. You have been warned...

This lovely pink shrine was at the entrance to a storage lot. These unexplained placings are one of the things that we love about Mexico...

That wrapped up the day. It is nearly a full moon. Here is the best I could do with the camera. I will try again tomorrow for the "full" moon!!

Tonight there was lots of traffic by the locals. Seems most are heading down to the beach. It will be interesting tomorrow, being Good Friday, to see how crowded it is! We sat across the street from a local restaurant that has cheezy, live music playing and just watched everyone going by.



Day 8: Good Friday After yesterday's immense breakfast up at Caleb's, we were back on track with our hot oatmeal & multi-grain toast. Pretty exciting stuff for sure!!

Oh, but of course, it was time for groceries - AGAIN!! Now, I am sure some of you suspect, by now, that we are feeding a small army or eating way too much. Truth is, again, we don't have much room in the van and really don't have a good way to bring home much at all.....until TODAY!! Doug fashioned one of our travel baskets up on the rat trap of his bike. We rode up to the grocery store and manmaged to fill it up quite nicely and it stayed put all the way home!!

...this is a LOT of food, don't you think??

You can see above just how much we brought home too! After unloading this IMMENSE amount of food, Doug got water from the little store across the street. He even managed to sweet talk the lady into not needing a deposit on the big water bottle as he brought it right back after filling up the tank in the van. Then it was off to the little fruit & veggie market across the street as well. My new routine for cleaning veggies & fruits. Fill the sink with our drinking water from the van. put in 5 or 6 drops of iodine and swirl them around for a few minutes. Take them out, re-fill the sink with clean water & rinse them. So far, just so far, I have managed NOT to kill us with iodine overdosing. However, if we both drop dead, someone could point out that maybe that's what it was!! (ha ha ha). I sometimes even use just good old soap and water but have learned through my experience (and experience is the BEST teacher) that lettuce and soap don't get along very well!!

After ALL these chores, we headed down to the beach. There were lots of families there, enjoying themselves. There were definitely all varieties of camp set-ups. Check out a few. Notice one guy even brought his dump truck!! Was pretty neat. Unlike in Canada, where you would have to park a mile away and thn walk out with all your stuff (for the day only). They can drive right up on the beach and stake out their spot for the weekend!! FREE!! gotta admit, he wouldn't have any trouble with how much stuff he wanted to bring!!

This is a "late" shot from Wednesday that I forgot to include.
Already they were getting ready for the festivities!! 

So, I tried to get a photo, again, of the full moon. Not too successful, but at least it was something. 

We have also had the pleasure of getting to briefly talk to Terri & Mike Church while they are here in the park. In our minds, they are the GURU's of  Mexican camping and the authors of the books that you have all seen by our sides for the past few years. They are as warm & genuine in person as they come across in the books. We have listened to them speak twice in Abbotsford BC at the RV show. We will really enjoy getting to sit down with them over a glass of wine (or two) this weekend!


(This is actually posting on Saturday. I will do a real Saturday posting this evening and see if it goes any better!!)

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  1. Looks like you're not having any trouble at all getting into the Mexican way of doing things!