Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 5 & 6)

Tuesday: Walked up to the mercado to get a few things in the morning. We walked because Doug's bike got a flat tire so it is on the agenda to fix today. This is a very nice town to get around in, walking or riding:

Considering that the tins on the right are the "normal" size.......

So with a "few" groceries in hand we came back and Doug got started on his bike tire. Out came the handy, dandy repair kit that he got (and his refreshment) and presto:

Well, a man must have his Pacifico!!
Bike all fixed!!!!

Well, that wrapped up Tuesday. Not much new.....BUT, we did play Scrabble again (hey, it's hard to always fit it into our routine now, what with all that sunshine, swimming, etc.)

Nancy's days without make-up: 26
Scrabble Wins: Doug 6 - Nancy 4


Waiting for morning coffee.....

Just waiting....

and watching....

Pretty cool sand sculpture and pretty big!!

I believe some of it has been broken, but it is still something to see!!

After the beach walk, we rode up to the dentist office. I had a filling put on my molar with the hope that it will last a long time. Seems to do a crown, with the upcoming Easter holiday would have taken about 3 weeks and we just don't want to be here quite that long! Here's hoping it lasts!! (Cost: $60 US - lovely Mexicali University trained dentist)

After the dentist it was time for another bike ride and another small trip to the store (hey, when you are riding bikes everywhere, you don't bring many things back at once!!) We rode a long way up through the back part of town. You can see by the water in the background, how far we have gone. Mostly up here it is pretty regular neighbourhoods, all dirt roads, everyone always waves and says "Hola"!!

Then time for pretty much the greatest of Mexican snacks: FRESH corn tortillas and peanut butter (well, the peanut butter is my idea!!)

I just liked this shot. It was up the top of town, the entrance to the cemetery but somehow, I think I caught it, just right......

Alrighty then, that's the last two days. We will still be here tomorrow and then I think we will be packing up to head down to the Cabo area.


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