Monday, 2 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 4)

Didn't go far today, of course, in this town, there isn't far to go! Our biggest excitment was finding some propane canisters at the local little mercado. We will pay through the nose for them, but at least we will have a few more. We were running low but we could only bring so many of them from Canada and, believe me, we loaded up with about 6 of them...

Anyway, we rode around and checked out the local stores and then had a pretty cheap "early dinner/late lunch" and YES, I finally had my first beer here in Mexico. My kids would be so proud of me, and I must say, I did enjoy it but I did have to add some lime, being a newbie and all!!

After our lunch/dinner we rode out to Playa Norte which is about 1.5 kms out of town. It is the beach furtherst north of town. We had bumped into David from San Francisco (remember, he is the one with the Great Dane named Likely) at the mercado so we wanted to check out what his campsite was like. Of course, on the way, we had to stop for a little herd of goats crossing the road!! I love that!!

Playa Norte is nice, but a bit rustic. Bathrooms looked nice enough (which, believe me, when you don't have your own, that is important!!) They have a nice, big beach surrounded by a fence to keep the cows and goats out!

The sites are quite well-defined, but you can't tell from this photo, sorry!

Well, embarassingly, that is it for the day. We had a quick dip in the pool and did laundry. I know, pretty much a low-key day. I got my appointment at the dentist for Wed @ 2 pm, so I will keep you all up to date as to how that goes. Sounds like a great lady dentist. I will leave you with these last two shots:

...the sign says "Lavanderia" - laundry, pretty sweet set-up!!

Normally, I wouldn't bore you all with this photo, but there was just something about your clean clothes hanging amongst the flowers, being guarded by the iguanas on the roof!!

Well, that's our day. If we aren't doing something more exciting than riding around and doing laundry, I won't bother posting until Wednesday after the dentist visit!! Maybe we will have to "squeeze" in a Scrabble game tomorrow - we'll check with our hectic social schedule!!

Take care of each other!!


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