Sunday, 1 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 3)

Artisan show was really nice. Seems that there were alot of American artists and not quite as many Mexican folks as I had hoped, but still, it was very nice. There was a food/beer garden and a live band so everyone seemed to have a good time!

Some really great artisans here....

Then we walked next door to check out the Las Palmas Hotel. Very nice, two different pools and several restaurants. Not sure how much it costs, but seemed pretty busy:

After all that, we came back "home" and had a lovely dip in the pool. Most of my family would laugh hysterically to watch us trying to do a "timed" photo, complete with me running around the pool, trying not to slip to get in the water in time. I know I have a bruise in a spot I won't mention because of it, but, still it was fun!!

Just when we think we are getting tanned, it's time to get in the water....yup, still have
 those Canada tans!!

After all that, we looked up at the bathroom building and saw the mommy iguana and baby - that was pretty cool, especially since  the mommy is pretty big, her body is about the size of your hand (not including the neck, head and tail) She lives in the roof above the ladies side of the bathroom and you can hear them at night, ocassionally, digging around! In the second shot, you can see the baby on the lower left-hand side. Pretty sure they came out to see what all the racket was!!

After that it was time to make fruit salad, still the oranges from the orange grove in Mulege and a grapefruit picked by someone here at the park on a quad trip up the valley. It was probably the best grapefruit we ever had. We had one for breakfast today and the other is marinating in the fruit salad in tequila and sugar!!

Now, this is my kitchen, and I don't mind!!

So that's it for the day, except for the slight change in my husband. Seems the Spanish language can't say "Doug" so he has now been dubbed "Dago" by our Cuban friend in Mulege. Sorry kids, but this is the new Dad:

On a different note: This is a special shout out to our dear sister-in-law, Diana Beglaw. There was a big celebration in Langley BC last night for Diana. She has been cancer-free for 10 years now, yes, a whole decade!!! She fought the BIG fight and came out victorious!! We are very sorry to have missed this special night. We hear, from our sources, that it was quite the surprise (and maybe even a few tears were shed!!) Lots of money was raised for the Cancer society "Relay for Life". Way to go Diana and everyone!! We are very proud of you and you know we stand behind you all the way. I know many people were helpful in organizing this but a special nod to her kids: Brandon & Deanna (oh pregnant one!!) and Kyle & Amanda. But the biggest supporter of all ,her husband Don (Doug's brother)!! We love you all!! Everyone, get out there and support your local chapter of Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life!!

...and that, my friends is a wrap for today!!



  1. Fruit salad made with tequila? Hmmm....

  2. Love your new look Dago. I think you should keep it, looking sexy!
    Mexico seems to have changed you!!!!!!!