Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 12)

Well, this is really our last day here...promise!! Tomorrow we are off to the Cabo area. We did lots of housekeepping chores today, not to mention, cleaning & defrosting the fridge. I really don't like this job at home.....after this it was just laundry. Doug did some reading up on maintenance things in the van.....

I know it looks like I am checking to see if there is enough room to crawl in, but after all, it was about 30 degrees C (90 degrees F)

After all this, Doug spent about 30 minutes in the office with Omar (Theresa & Shaun's right hand man) getting him to help (actually to make) the ferry reservations for us to go to the mainland, at Mazatlan. Looks like we will be on the ferry on Tuesday April 17th from LaPaz. Remember I showed you the Baja Ferry up there? That will give us more than enough time to do the "loop" from here down to Cabo area and then up to Todos Santos and then back over to La Paz for the ferry on Tuesday.

So, since we are leaving, we thought we would walk you all through the campground with us.
Ready? Do you all have your glasses of wine/beer ready? Okay, here we go.....

One more look at our "home" for the past 11 days

Crazy neighbour, Cindy from Colorado, across the way...

One of the very nice casitas of the "permanentes" that live here lots of the year...

This one is very simple, see the yard below, still a permanente though:

..but very nice and peaceful, simple...then there are more fancy ones:

And here is the street out front of the gate:

...and the other way. Doesn't look like much but it really is busy during the day:

...and the front gate:

me, trying to post this!!! (very slow connection)

Sorry but that is it for the day! Hopefully the connection in the Cabo area will be much better!! Thanks for walking the park with us!! 


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