Monday, 9 April 2012

Los Barriles (Day 11)

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT: Our most heartfelt congratulations to Brandon & Deanna (our nephew & his wife) on the arrival of their first child: Mason Robert Theodore Bucholtz, weighing in at a hearty 7 lbs-5 oz. We are SO super happy for them. I am sure Brandon is out buying him his first set of ice skates!! Way to go you guys!!! Oh my gosh, he's pretty cute!!

While they were busy bringing a new baby into the world, we were out on an exploratory trip with Mike & Terri Church. They were doing updates on their Camping Mexico's Baja book and they very nicely asked us if we wanted to come along. This was very cool for us. First, to be able to spend a whole day with them and hear their stories and secondly, to see territory that we wouldn't have been able to see with the van. Super great day all around.

First we were off to Rancho Sol de Mayo. This is an ecological reserve. The people that own it have done a beautiful job of setting up camping areas and really great little casitas that you can rent. The casitas do not have kitchens but there is a common cooking area that everyone can use. Walking through there I can't imagine how quiet it must be at night and how many stars you could see! The other neat thing is that there is a waterfall and swimming pool that you can acess. You have about a hearty,10 minute hike in and it is lots of carved stairs in the cliffs to get down to it but well worth the walk. 

...that is where we are headed to...

Yes, there are really steps carved here...

First, we sent Mike in to check for snakes, etc. (kidding...)

Doug & Mike swam to the waterfall....

Yes, we did swim all the way across too!!

On the hike back up!

After that, it was off to explore the little casitas. They were really neat. I believe one night's rental was about $60 US. There is no electrical. The rooms have big beautiful windows with only screens in them and candles to light the room. Pretty cool:

Just screens on those big windows!!

They even run a little restuarant, on certain days..... 

After that it was off to explore a bit more. Really interesting driving along these back roads. Then, of course, it was time for lunch. Well, we worked pretty hard, actually Doug & I didn't work at all, but Mike & Terri did. Writing down co-ordinates and making notes. Back down into Santiago for lunch (which is about 15 minutes from the casitas):

Then it was back in the Jeep to explore a bit more. First we went to their little zoo. It was neat for such a small area. Most of the cages had notes and pictures made by the local kids from school. All the animals were well fed and watered and it was about 30 degrees celcius (95 degrees F.). Cages were not, necessarily fancy, but all adequate.....Especially the python who happily had something rather large in his gullet!!

Gotta love those Rheas (like an Emu). Really, they never quite made it through ostrich school and they are too big for the rest of the birds to play with.....kinda feel sorry for them!!

Cute signs by the kids....

Research on the road, checking the GPS numbers.....

Hey, we have that SAME guide book too!!!

After this it was off to Agua Caliente Hot Springs Campground. These are little pools by the hot springs. We waded into the big pools, but never swam......

Our hosts, soaking up one more little bit of hot water!!

What a great day it was. We really cannot thank Mike & Terri enough for letting us tag along. Just to let their publisher know, these two really do work hard out there! I am not sure how they manage to get all those notes re-worded and concise, but they do!!

That's it for us today!! Hope you all enjoyed the trip!! Tomorrow will be trying to plan our ferry date and then Wednesday it will be time to head for the Cabo area.



  1. $60 U.S. per night? Were they actually priced in U.S. dollars? Too bad they are so expensive. I don't see prices mentioned on their website.

    We saw very similar cabanas inland from Puerto Escondido at a beautiful waterfall. They were 250 pesos per night! (about $20 U.S.)

  2. Trying to get caught up on your blog after being sidetrack for a couple weeks. You have a great way of writing and thanks for all the pics! I think I may have been a little star-struck spending a day with the Church's. How lucky for you! OK, on to reading the rest of the trip and getting caught up.