Friday, 27 April 2012

Jocotepec to Valle de Juarez (from Thursday)

As promised, we were on the move this morning. First we drove through Ajijic and then Chapala. Both very nice little towns, although we didn't explore much, only went out for breakfast.

The drive here to Valle de Juarez was very nice, through some nice mountain passes. Of course, as always, driving days are not the best picture days, but here is what I have:

Market in Jocotepec...we had to drive right through the middle of it!

Next little town. Not sure how far this guy was going to get with this weight in back!!

Some things need no further explanation!!

Not far from Valle de Juarez & Hacienda Contreras...

...and we are here!!!

We actually arrived at about 3 pm. It was a nice easy drive. Rolling hills, lots of trees. More like you are in the interior of BC, almost like the Cariboo. Super pretty area. The elevation is a bit higher, I think about 5,000 ft, so it cools down nicely in the evening and there is a nice breeze. Here are the first few initial shots:

Looks like we are camping at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, doesn't it? This is actually a pad that belongs to one of the regulars. They did all their own plantings. Sal & Barb will arrange for the concrete pad at the owners cost but he will supply the labour costs, pretty nice deal.

The view from the main house, upstairs, where Sal & Barb are building a suite to rent!

The trailer that you see with the white truck is Sal & Barb's and the others that you can see are just waiting for their owners to return in the fall. You can "just" barely see the nose of Kevin & Ruth's motor home on the left side of the photo....

Happy hour!!

Combo dinner.....

Our new home away from home....

We can't tell you how good it felt to arrive here. First, after reading so much on Kevin & Ruth's blog about how wonderful it is here and then having Sal & Barb and Kevin & Ruth welcome us with open was amazing, it felt like home!!

Sorry this posting is late. Last night I just couldn't get a good enough signal to download the photos. The same may happen today at the end of the day, we will see. So consider this posting from yesterday!!



  1. Wow! That's really a nice spot you've got there!
    First Terri and Mike Church and now Kevin and Ruth. You sure know how to hang with the celebrities! Have fun!

  2. "Grace" took the words right out of my mouth!!
    I can't believe we know such celebrities...and this weekend the pics will be taken, I promise!!