Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Etzatlan (Day 4)

Pretty laid back day today. We hung around for quite awhile and then rode our bikes into town and braved the cobblestone streets again!! I think our butts are getting used to it now! But first, we had visitors this morning. Bonnie lets the burros and horses out to graze in the grassy area where campers park so we had some visitors:

Did I mention that I LOVE these guys??!!

Anyway, into town we go - hang on, it's a bumpy ride!! It isn't far from the campsite. The only downside is that you have to ride on the highway (wide extra lane) for about 1/2 mile. I think that "most" of the drivers watch out for us, but we are pretty cautious. In town, I was riding along, and all of a sudden I realized that Doug was not behind me. That's because this young man had stopped him and seemed to want to practice his English....yup, just stopped in the middle of the street!! 

So, the whole reason for riding into town was to pick-up a few groceries. We went to the mercado, got everything we needed and then we had spotted this little tortelleria down the street. We bought fresh, hot off the grill, corn tortillas, for a whopping $5 pesos (about 66 cents) for the little stack.

Then we carried on and bought a whole, barbequed chicken (pollo al carbon). These chickens were just whole and split in half and grilled that way, then very unceremoniouly, chopped up with a big meat clever - we LOVED it!! This also came with about 10 fresh trotillas, a bag of seasoned cooked rice and a bag of sauce for $75 pesos (about $5.70):

So, all this running around cost about $300 pesos (about $22.50 Cdn) and this is what we got:4 pops, big box of Cheerios, jug of fresh orange juice, margarine, big tin of tuna, tin of refried beans, roll of toilet paper, container of tomato sauce, 2 small pkgs of pasta, head of lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 1 purple onion, big bottle of water, corn taco chips, complete chicken dinner (with more tortillas & cooked rice) AND chocolate cookies!!!! We are not sure why shopping at home is never this fun.

So that was the day. Right now, Doug is over at Bonnie's helping her friend, Mario, put up a cover for her back patio. The industrious Mario has welded a frame and put the legs in the ground and now they are sorting out how to put up the nice tarp cover....let you know how that works out tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, we are sad to say that we will be leaving here tomorrow and heading for Jocotepec, down near Lake Chapala (south of Guadalajara). We are not sad to go to Jocotopec, we are just really sad to leave here as this is really been one of our favorite stops (potential for winter stay.....???) We will be at Roca Azul Park for two or three days and then on to see our friends, Kevin & Ruth, at Hacienda Contreras in Valle de Jaurez for about Sunday. Stay tuned!!

Special Note: We just wanted everyone to know that our very dear friends, Bob & Danna Bortolin, are about to begin their excellent Italian adventure. They are flying out of Vancouver to Florida on Thursday where they will board a lovely cruise ship (with a mini-suite!!) on Saturday and head to Rome (...after a few stops). They first plan to rent a car and travel in Southern Italy for 2-3 weeks and then will live in the Treviso area for 4-5 months to begin with, after that, who knows?! Everybody, get your passports ready!!

Bob & Danna - We love you guys and are so very excited for this next phase of your lives!!  Check out their blog - just give them a few days to get it up and running:

Cheers to everyone!!


  1. Hmmm. Looking forward to happy hour on Sunday!

    We also liked it at Bonnie's. Could easily have stayed there longer, but Mexico is a big place and there are quite a few other spots we enjoy as well. Besides, we get itchy feet after a few weeks in one spot.


  2. Thanks everyone hopefully you can follow us on our blog.
    I know we will not get into as much detail as Nancy but we will try. Looking forward to an adventure to remember!
    Bob and Danna