Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Etzatlan to Jocotepec

Well, it was sad to leave Bonnie & Samantha and dogs Thompson, Luna, Chabella, Gadafi & Weewee. (I know, sounds like a lot of souls there, doesn't it?) Also, the burros and horses. Busy place, despite the lack of campers!! We had a wonderful time and wished we could have stayed longer. Thanks to Delia's RV Park - people, you gotta go there!! We have been to lots of places on this journey, but seldom are we made to feel as welcome as we were here....

So, first let's start with the little job that Doug was helping Mario with last night. Turned out to be a pretty big job, well into dark, but this is what was put up behind Bonnie's house:

These two huge tarps, with heavy wire were attached to the poles that Mario put in and then everything was attached in three different places to the trees. This will help in the rainy season to keep some of the patio available for use. Mario works very quickly and speaks Spanish but then also says in English to Doug what he needs. Towards the end of the evening, Bonnie, Sam & I were all holding up flashlights so they could see what they were doing. At one point, Mario dropped his pliers under the ladder beside a small bush and, of course, I started to reach in to retrieve them for him.....for the first time in my life, someone said to me....."Watch out for the scorpions..." Yup, don't get that warning in Canada, do we??! Pulled my hand back pretty darn fast too!!

Here is one more look at Delia's RV Park;

 Looking back from her house to the van...

Our view, looking across to Bonnie & Sam's house...

So, as always, driving day doesn't amount to many photos. It took us about 2 hours to get here. Lots of road constuction but, hey, that makes for better roadways, eventually!!

Not sure what town this is! Chuches are almost always the most prominent!!

We are camped here at Roca-Azul RV Park in Jocotepec. We will probably only stay here for tonight. We will see. Not much to keep us here, unfortunately. Still, here are some of the photos that I took. This park is part of a sports complex. Seems rather deserted right now but, apparently, the place hops on the weekends with loads of families picnicing, swimming, bbq'ing, etc.

This seems to be a lighthouse at the end of the lake.
We are at the far western end of Lake Chapala

The lighthouse is right beihind me and through those trees is our campsite....
All over this property, they have these Roman looking columns, not sure why....
Deserted balneario (swimming pool/entertainment place)
but apparently busy on the weekends!!

And off to the left side of this picture are some small casitats (cabins) to rent. We looked over and there is a couple from Ontario who are here until end of May. They are building their own house a few miles away....but what do we see.....
Euri's family!! Oh my goodness, even the same year, just doesn't have the black bra like ours!! (...just between us, Euri is in MUCH better condition, but still...)

Well, that is it. Driving days are not really good picure days. It is a peaceful place here. Right now, all we hear is the ocassional cricket, a cow and.....and TUBA. Not sure why or where. Maybe he is practicing. I am telling you, if you want to be employed here in Mexico, take up tuba playing or broom distribution.....never will you be out of work!!
We will be leaving on Thursday. We are not even sure why. This place just doesn't fit us well, even though it looks pretty nice, we will move on.

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  1. Well I expect we'll see you today then because there isn't much in the way of campgrounds between Roca Azul and here. Thought you might have stopped at Villa Corona, but I guess we'll hear your reasoning behind that decision when you get here!