Monday, 23 April 2012

Etzatlan (Day 2)

Just never got around to posting last night - sorry!! There will be another seperate posting for Monday, today! 

Here is a recap of Sunday's adventures.

First, Doug helped Bonnie's daughter, Sam, get their old truck started as the battery was dead, of course, that meant that the dogs had to get in the back!!

Then we made the ride into town Not to bad, except those cobblestones are a wee bit challenging to ride on! We were actually looking for a little mercado to buy a few groceries. Of the lengthening list of things we have learned in our travels: Don't assume that stores will be open in  a small Mexican town on a Sunday AND remember that IF they are open on a Sunday, seista time is generally 2 pm to 4 pm. So, we looked everywhere in town for a mercado on a Sunday, between 2 pm to 4 and learn!! Oh also, just because you asked 4 different people WHERE to find the mercado, doesn't mean that any one of those directions will be the same OR correct!!

Oh well, took lots of photos anyway!

Gotta love a town square with horses AND cars!

Notice the Hydro meter on the left??

Then the next cool thing we did was that we got invited to a "fiesta" for the little boy who lives on the property and was celebrating his 5th birthday. Remember, this is a ranch that belongs to Delia, Bonnie & family. There are a number of small houses on the property. One of the houses belongs to her "son" Josh. He was hosting a party for his friend's son Isaac so we were invited to come. (Isn't that a coincidence, our son's name is Joshua Isaac!!) Well, we got there a bit after it started and felt a bit bad that we didn't have anything to give  to Isaac., so we brought him one of the Canada bracelets and one of the Canada flags that we brought and he was pretty happy. He jumped down and came over and gave me a big hug and kiss. They all welcomed us like they had known us their whole lives. It was a pretty special time. Typical party - water balloon fight!!

Isaac, on the right hand side....

Doug visits with the "men folk". Josh (host) is in the white ball cap...he is a really great young man. He has his degree in Robotics Engineering and is starting a new job on Wednesday with the hydro-electric dam, about 1 hr away. He is pretty exicted!!  He has a wife, Erica and a 3 yr old daughter, Stephanie. Such a cute family!! As we were leaving, Josh ran out and insisted that we take this "party-favour"!! (His English is about 100 times better than our Spanish!)

 ...and, yes, it is full of candy - yumm!!

After we got back, a few of the "locals" from around the property came over to visit, Charlie and his son, Michael. Really nice people. Charlie is 88 and is from Michigan and has lived here for 26 years....

When it was dark, Doug was outside cleaning up and jumped because something was biting his foot. He looked down and yelled for the flashlight. Seems that we have an "ant super highway" going from one of the trees on the patio side of our spot to another spot in the grass, about 100 ft in total length. They are moving these purple petals that fall from the trees and bringing them into their nest. We took some pictures o the highway. No, they don't come in the van, just under it. Quite efficient when you watch them!! (One of the pictures is from lst night and the others are from this morning when we could see  more!!)

Not being "ant-ologists" we don't quite understand what is going on, except that they have such a direct path that they have actually worn a long trail in the dirt. When we first arrived we thought the "stream" of petals was just from a little water running and collecting them along....very interesting!!

Anyway, that was our yesterday. Click on in a few minutes and I will have posted our trip into Tequila for our tour today-Monday.


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