Friday, 13 April 2012

Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo (Day 3)

I just love taking the buses here. It is such a great way to see things, notice things. We went at an off-time so there were hardly any others on this bus into San Jose del Cabo. Bus ride cost $23 ps each (about $1.90) and took about 15 minutes....

You got to have the plastics store!!

I would love to fix this up and live in it!!

Just a neat little gift store, love the colours!

Then we came across the Glass store. Yes, after getting rid of lots of stuff at home for "downsizing" we ordered 4 margarita glasses and a nice tall pitcher. We pick them up tomorrow and will move them around in the van for the next 2 months! I am sure we will curse ourselves, but we just couldn't resist. The best part if that the gentleman you see below was going to be making them for us! They didn't have any like we wanted so he is doing them just for us. We loved this place.....and boy, can you spend alot of money!!

Those are huge lights hanging up in the shape of peppers!!! 

This fellow was breaking glass up in this can, for rolling the hot glass onto. Nothing fancy about the tool, just a crescent wrench looking thing!

This is our glass maker. Apparently he has worked there for about 30 years. There is another fellow, Miguel, who is the "Master Glass Maker" and he has been there for about 40 years but he wasn't there today. Wonder how many times they burned themselves
while they were learning??

They were adding some swirly bits to this glass. What I thought was neat is that they worked without talking to each other. One just knew what the other needed to do at all times.....

So, after blowing our monthly allowance on the glasses & pitcher ($88 US), we did our favorite thing, which was to just walk around town, in and out of shops, but not buying anything else (much to the dissappointment of the shop owners, who were ALL it seems out on the sidewalks!!) They have a very nice town square and a great City Hall (which we went into and used TWICE for the bathrooms!!)

City Hall

We love these "Collectivo" buses - they take you everywhere.

Of course, after that walking around we got hungry (I know, what else is new!!) We really did not want to eat at a Norteamericano place, with music blaring and the typical Pacifico/Corona signs flashing everywhere. We wanted a real "Mexican" type of place. Right across from these buses was the perfect spot.....Lunch of the day is called comida corrida and can be different at every place you stop. This was a great spot and was $50 ps ech (roughly $4.50 each, including tip). Best part was when Doug ordered a Fanta, they had to run across the street and buy one from the little store over there, but they never seemed to mind at all! They were happy to have the business! 

Chicken lunch!!


So, with bellies full, we continued to wander about San Jose del Cabo. Super nice little town. We thought it was much nicer than Cabo, nice, smaller town feel to it. As you can see, we like the architecture:

This hotel doesn't look like much on the outside, but this is the inside, pretty grounds!
Nice but pricey at $170 US per night!!:

Well, that was our day in San Jose del Cabo - now, didn't you all have fun!! It was a great day and the lunch was perfecto!! Always look for those "out of the way" places. They definitely give you the most bang for your peso!!

After an evening of laundry we are ready for tea and bed!! Tomorrow we will pack up from here, go pick-up our glasses and head for Todos Santos. 

Ted & Marleen: If you are reading this, we really did love your town and were sorry we couldn't connect with you guys before you left for Canada!!


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  1. I can't wait until you get to the real Mexico...!