Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cabo San Lucas (Day 2)

Well, the walk into Cabo won the coin toss. It was a long, hot walk but we really enjoyed ourselves. There were two ships in port, they look pretty funny sitting there. We also wanted to take pictures of the walk that most of the "tourist folks" don't get to see, just the regular part, by the highway:

...just a regular old sidewalk, some of it was even good!

You can see the two cruise ships in port. You can see them both over our shoulders.....

...but busy with other vessels too!!

It was literally wall to wall people.It is one hotel after the other. So much loud music, beach vendors, tour boats and people.....but we did manage to get to the other end by the marina (above) so this part of the beach is pretty quiet. Not sure why no-one else comes down here. In the picture above, if you were to follow this little mountain range that you see further to the left of the picture, that is where "Land's End" is.....

The marina district has some pretty swanky shopping....

...including this giant wall of tequila!!!!

Then, Doug arranged for us to go out in a "glass-bottom" boat to see the fish and go to Land's End. This is where the Baja actually comes to an end. Sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Only cost $10 US each so we thought it was good a deal to go and we really wanted to see it.

That's where we are headed.... 

First, let's check out some fish.....

I am pretty proud of this shot. There is "the arch" at Land's End!!!

Now, this is from the Pacific Ocean side!!

...from the VERY end....

Now, usually my panaorama shots turn out pretty good. This is the only one, in the bouncy boat I took, but the centre-right sandy part is a little off, but you can get the general look of it...pretty incredible.Anyway, back to the harbour. Trip was about 45 minutes....

After that fun, it was off to have lunch. We really love being around a marina, but it tends to be a bit pricey. Doug found us a "good deal" lunch spot so we enjoyed ourselves but after this Cabo trip, it will be back to "kibbles & bits" for us!! 

...even found myself a nice boat!!

Wow - no matter where you go in these big" cities, there is always one...

Yuppers, we found ourselves a nice nightclub too!! (...just kidding!!)

Okay, forget the nightclub! Once we got back and had a nice cold drink, we headed off on our bikes to the local WalMart, which is sort of across the highway and down about a block. We picked up some milk, etc. and headed back here for sandwiches....and tea!!!

So, we sure enjoyed seeing 'Land's End" and we hope you all did too!

Tomorrow we will get the bus into San Jose del Cabo.



  1. Good, clear shot of El Arco ... sometimes the water is so bouncy around that area that what you frame and what you end up with when you click the shutter can be different.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! You are right about that. The boat is bouncing most of the time so I took tons of the arch just to be sure! Just pure luck. Glad you are enjoying the pictures!

  2. I love Cabo area! Last there twenty years ago though and I am sure it has changed dramatically. We boondocked in our RV back then between Cabo and San Jose del Cabo. It was splendid! (and free)

    1. I am not sure if one could find any free spots on these beaches now, with all the hotels & condos. That must have been so nice and quiet!!