Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Los Barriles to Cabo San Lucas

We left Los Barriles at about 11:30 after gearing up, getting water, breakfast, a few groceries and orange juice from our special juice man, Jose.

Filling up with drinking water...

We were joking that maybe he just runs the regular hose into the building and then
fills up your water containers!!

Jose is actually holding my hand here. When he realized it was us again, he proceeded to kiss my hand, kiss my cheek and hug both Doug & I and then hold both our hands up in his, "Rocky" style. Pretty funny. The juice is sealed and is fresh & INCREDIBLE!!

Onion truck, not sure of this guy's story - we didn't buy his onions!! (ha ha)

After about 30 minutes, we came to the Tropic of Cancer. This means we have actually DRIVEN into the tropics!! They had a neat little stopping spot to take pictures. Euri looks like he is pushing this ball along!!

So for the next 2 to 4 nights, we are in Vagabundos Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas. Let me just say, this is NO Los Barriles that's for sure. Spot is fine, bathrooms are nice but it is pretty much on the side of a four lane highway. Plus the paving crew has arrived to finish paving the big main part of the highway. Right now, all the traffic going by us is travelling on the "lateral road", which for those not familiar with that term is like a small road that runs along side of the main road that you take to turn left across traffic. Remember the nice quiet walk we all went for last night around East Cape RV Park? The most you heard there was the deafening sounds of it is TRAFFIC......   

Doug was really happy to find this Lime vodka in a 1 litre bottle for $101 ps (about $8.27). Makes a nice drink with some tonic water!!

We will flip a coin to decide if we take the bus into San Jose del Cabo (about 15 kms) or we walk into downtown Cabo (probably about 30-40 minute walk) tomorrow. Whatever we do tomorrow, we will do the other on Friday. There are, apparently, lots of things to do in the area so we will do some investigating. This is the port that the cruise ships come into. There were 3 of them here when we arrived but they have all left now......

Stay tuned for more excitement!!

We will close with these nice sunset pictures:

Thanks for coming along, as always, our family & friends. Wish you were all here, well, maybe not ALL at once but still, we wish you were here!!!!



  1. I remember that RV park...not fondly!

    1. Yup, it is a "tad" noisy but the facility is clean. We picked a spot as far away from the roa as we could!

  2. Let us know if the local prices change when the cruise ships are in port. I have always heard that they do.

    1. We will look but since we don't know the "regular" prices we may not be much help. Apparently there will be 1 cruise ship on Thursday with 2600 people and 2 on Friday with more people!!

  3. They have some small boats in Cabo that take people out to Lands End and Love Beach; if you plan to enjoy the beach and take a different boat back, go prepared for a wet landing ... you may even have to swim up to the beach. It can be popular with cruise ship passengers, but at other times your companions are just the locals. There are sea lions and pelicans nearby as well. Have fun.

    1. Thanks, we did have fun...see today's posting!!