Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Santa Rosalia to Mulege

First of all - Happy Spring everyone! No matter where we all are, spring is still spring - it's the sign of new and great things to come!

We were up and out the door of our hotel before 8 am today! A record for us, to be sure. Of course, the fact that we only had 2 minutes of hot water for the shower may have helped push us out the door. We filled up with coffee at the hotel and headed back into Santa Rosalia to see the church built by A.G. Eiffel. Also, the other interesting thing about this town is that the buildings were originally built out of wood, which seems normal for us in Canada and the US but looks really different here in Mexico.

Once we saw the church, it was off to the neat French bakery around the corner. Since it was a French mining company that originally settled here in the 1880's, that French influence is very evident. So we bought our breakfast muffins and a few rolls and headed to the town square to sit with our coffee and enjoy the sunshine. Close by there is a school and you could hear them rehearsing for some kind of festival in the square later today. They were setting up chairs, etc.

You can see them setting up the chairs over my shoulder!

...and of course, everywhere, the dogs own the town!!

So, after coffee, it was off to find Mulege. We had read about Hacienda de la Habana in our trusty Baja book (by Mike & Terri Church) but first we took a little tour of San Bruno, about 40 minutes from Santa Rosalia. Not much there, but pretty to see the water again.

Pretty sure Doug likes this blue sky & water thing!

Tiny as this town was, the elementary/primary school looked awesome!

It only took about another 30 minutes to get to Mulege. About 10 minutes in on a well maintained dirt road and we arrived at Hacienda de la Habana. This morning when we were driving along, we felt like we had been doing this drive for a week now, looking for....something, but we didn't know what. Well, we found such a beautiful place here. I told Doug I never wanted to leave, just bury me here! The owners, Ray & Favi have lived here for about 11 years. When they bought the property, it was just a dirt field so everything you see in the following pictures, they have planted, loved and nurtured along. This property is for Mel Beatty! It is a gardeners paradise, a lawn tractor paradise, set in a valley, surrounded by mountains. Mel, I can see you here!!! Enjoy the following:

Ray & Favi's house

...see why I don't want to leave??!!

Our German friends Maite & Werner came today too!

So, after getting settled, we headed back into town to get ice (right from the icehouse up the road) and a few groceries. Now, everyone must experience buying chicken from the CocoCola fridge in a tiny little market. He just pulled the box of rough cut-up chickens and that was that, plopped it in the bag and shoved the box back in with the pop. Then it was across the street to the "beef" man, who had a regular counter. We also dropped off our rather full bag of laundry and will pick it up in the next dy or two. We will be riding our bikes into town tomorrow so we will do more pictures of that on Thursday's blog, okay?

Laundromat where our clothes currently reside!

More adventures. On the way back, just as we had gotten back to our turn-off, a road crew (in the 1.5 hours that we were gone) dug up the main road back into here. There was a ditch right across the road that was about 14 inches deep. No problem, they just moved the plastic pipe that they were laying across and told us to "go" and I mean "go fast" Doug had to basically take a little run at it and leap Euri across! Pretty fun! Doesn't look like much, but it was quite deep!!

Now we are back at our "home away from home". I picked an orange and we ate it. Was it ever nice. Doug is going to pick some for fresh squeezed juice tomorrow he says! I will hold him to it! When I was getting dinner ready, I had him go and pick us a fresh lemon to put in our chicken bake. Oh brother, those are things that we have not ever done in our lives! How much fun is that?

Now just a few more chores:

Ray, the owner!

So that was our really hectic day and more in store for tomorrow I imagine! Also, Ray is the chef of the restaurant at the front of this big property. He already has the menu planned and his restaurant is open "generally" Thurs, Fri & Saturday. We will be going there for dinner on Thursday night. Looking forwar to that, also to his house speciality Margaritas! We have heard that even if people are not staying here (what???) that they drive out to his restaurant. 

This last picture is for our kids. We laughed out loud when we saw the name of this hotel in town and we have signed them all up for a week for their Christmas presents!! (ha ha)

As always, our heartfelt thanks for "coming along" with us. Our little van can hold a lot of friends and family, so we are glad to share with you all!

No Scrabble tonight but I am still without make-up, currently at day 13!!! I know for some that doesn't sound like much, but considering that in all my married years (nearly 35) I generally didn't even take the garbage out without it!!!



  1. Looks like a fantastic place to stay. Could you share the cost with us? I don't think I could spend a day without makeup but you inspire me! I can't wait until we can make that trip, too! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. It is fabulous here Grace! We only have our little VW Westie and don't use sewer hook-up. I think we are being charged about $15/night. Not sure about "big" rig costs though. They are the GREATEST people!!

    2. Thanks for your reply. We wouldn't need any hook-ups but our RV is 29' so a little bit bigger than yours. We need to buy the Church's guide but I'm waiting until just before we go (3 years from now) so I'll get the latest version. Thanks again! Grace

  2. Love that place! Enjoy it and hopefully we can see it next year!

    1. Colleen & Al - We can see you guys parked here for sure! Wait til you see the photos of Doug making orange juice today! Watch for the blog tonight!!

  3. Hi Guys - Danna is trying to send you a comment and thinks it got lost in the "Big Black Hole" of the internet. Here we go again and maybe this one will go through.

    Sounds like you are having the adventure you imagined. We are so happy that it is going well. Nancy...did you imagine being so many days without makeup??

    The Big Light is ON!!