Friday, 2 March 2012

Port Orford OR to Santa Rosa CA

Hi everyone! Very nice drive today, through the southern Oregon coastline. We left Port Orford about 9 am and got to Santa Rosa CA about 8 pm. The pictures I show here don't really do the area justice but we have done our best to capture it. What we couldn't get over was the sound of the pounding surf. Fantastic!! We are very lucky to be on this adventure.

We have had our share of "mishaps" so far, even this early. It takes some training to relax and not sweat the small stuff. Mostly tire issues. We are embarking on this journey on tires
that are not the best. We are on our way to Los Osos CA to the GoWesty store for a new tire, wheel & suspension package that Doug has ordered. Nothing is too good for our VW van. If you like VW's you just know what we mean.

Tomorrow we will be in San Francisco for a really quick visit. We are hoping to get a photo of Euri on Lombard Street. For any new frends, Euri is the name of our trusty VW Westfalia.

Special thanks to our friends, Kevin & Ruth. ( We have enjoyed their blog for a few years now and they have really been inspirational and helpful. I have sent them many emails with many questions. They give us confidence to tackle this adventure. We really hope to meet them someday soon!!

Enjoy the pics tonight - time for tea!!


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  1. Wow, you two! We couldn't be happier for you. Keep the posts coming, please, so we may all travel vicariously.
    An excellent adventure indeed!

    Happy trails.
    Bob, Rick and Dougal