Saturday, 3 March 2012

Santa Rosa CA to Morro Bay CA

What a drive today!! We left Santa Rosa at 9:15 am with coffee's in hand and nothing ahead of us but blue skies. First it was over the Golden Gate Bridge and off to Lombard Street.

Next, it was an interesting stop at Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station. Very cool.

After this, it was the drive along CA Hwy 1. First let's qualify this drive. On the grand scale of things, it is probably in the top 2 that any of us will EVER do. I mean, we have done the Trans Canada Hwy 1 between Golden and Revelstoke BC before, but folks, this is NO comparison. At points, it is a sheer drop of  what seems to be 1,000 ft to the surf below. I kept telling Doug, I have only been this high above the water EVER in an airplane!! Now, I must say that I was a bit nervous, especially since it was my side that was HANGING out over the all but non-existent railing but Doug remained calm and did a beautiful job keeping us safe and sound. There was one point where I thought we should turn around and go back, but that would have been it was further back! Nope, only thing to do was to smile and "get 'er done..." We loved it, but it isn't for the faint of heart, that's for sure!! Pictures don't begin to do it credit. I would say it should be on everyone's list of things to do. You won't regret it! Looking at this picture, it seems not too bd. Most of these outside corners had zero space from the white line to where the tiny railing was........yup, long way down if you make a booboo!! I was probably screaming as I took these.

Now we are in Morro Bay CA. This is about 4 miles from Los Osos where we are having the van repairs done on Monday a.m. Nice spot. We will do more exploring tomorrow on our bikes.

Almost forgot, at the hotel in Port Orford OR they had a sign at the desk...."Please do not use our towels to clean your fish" Yup, we stay at ALL the fancy places!! 

On that note........Goodnight everyone!


  1. Have a great day tomorrow - now I see from your pics some serious sunshine/blue sky. What a dream - anyway happy exploring on the bikes tomorrow and I'll look forward to your next post.
    Susann & Lacey

  2. You seem to be traveling pretty fast...are you heading for a destination? I just thought there would have been more exploring along the way. Or this was in order to get to your van repair place?

  3. I saw Lombard Street for the first time in 1978. I was pulling a 19 foot travel trailer with a Chevy Blazer. I dropped the family off at the top and picked them of at the bottom. They took pictures and that is what I got to see. I have seen it several times since and got to enjoy it myself. Nice to see you could drive down it in your RV.

  4. That photo of Lombard Street brings back such good memories of our very short trip to SanFran.

  5. Highway 1 is a great drive. Did you go 1 all the way to S. CA? I did all of 1 from North to South in '87 or '88 in a 33 foot class A. Most scenic drive ever for the distance. 17 mile drive in Monterey, which goes through Pebble beach, is nice also but short. I did that in 1964 while in the army.
    I appreciate your writing, means of travel and excitement over your choice.