Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ensenada to San Quintin

We drove for about 4 hours yesterday from Ensenada to San Quintin, which was about 200 kms. Speed limits go up and down, in the strangest of places. You are cruising along at 60 km/hr for no apparent reason and a good straight stretch and then a small town is in site and posted speed suddenly changes up to 80 km/hr and then you need to slam on the brakes because it changes down to 40 km/hr. So, needless to say, you don't travel too far too fast! BUT, the hills and surrounding countryside are interesting. Very dry and hilly (like the Osoyoos/Oliver region of BC)

Not sure what will happen to these banks when the rainy season comes.

Coming into a typical little highway town. Along the sides there are always nicely dressed kids in school uniforms, waiting for the buses!

We stopped at Cielito Lindo at about 4 pm. It is a (I think) fairly typical little Mexican campground, attached to a small restaurant and motel/permanent residents with various forms of motorhomes, etc. We read about this little spot in the Church's Baja book and it is very easy to get to. BEST part was the cracked crab dinner and two margaritas that we had for $220 ps. Doug was in heaven. Then we walked aout 10 minutes out to the small dunes and ocean, again, Doug was in heaven. It was very cool!

So after dinner, we walked down to th dunes! SPECTACULAR is all we can say. Not to say it was very warm, but as you can see, miles of beaches and nobody out there. Yes, of course, I saved some shells!!

AND...Nancy's first Scrabble win!!!!
So that's it. We are heading out to the Catavina area. Apparently there isn't much there but some really cool landscapes with boulders and cacti so pictures should be good I hope!!
And for the really good news......I won at Scrabble last night!!! 

Thank goodness for updates - I can now show you the Scrabble win and check out some new photos above!!

Nancy's Day's without makeup: 8
Scrabble Wins: Doug 5 - Nancy 1 (yeehaw)

So that's it for now. We are just packing up. It is about 10:30 am and we will hit the road. Remember, if you don't hear from us for a few days, we are just out of internet stickability (pretty technical term, I know!!)

Thanks for coming along - we appreciate the company
Love D/N


  1. So awesome! Enjoy every minute! Loving the blog.

  2. I believe this was the same campground that we stayed at when we were there in Dec. of 2007. We went for a nice walk along the beach and saw a really cute seal sunning himself on the beach, what an amazing sight that was.

    We love the Catavina area, it really is beautiful to look at and there are some nice trails to hike in the area.

    Kevin and Ruth