Sunday, 18 March 2012

San Quintin to Catavina (Late post for Saturday the 17th)

We left Cielito Lindo in San Quintin about 11:15 am (I know, we are notoriously late movers!!) Once again, it is a pretty interesting drive:

There is definitely NO room for error on these roads, narrower than ours!

Cement truck went over on it's side

It took about 1.5 hours and then we arrived in El Rosario at the home of Mama Espinosas. The Churches talk about this great little resutaurant but we also have friends that stopped there (Ted & Marlene Gamarcy) and said we HAD to stop for the MOST amazing lobster burritos on the planet and indeedy we did! Lunch spot of many Baja racers too! It was great!:

After that, I actually took over driving (YIKES.....alert the authorities) and drove about 100 kms to give Doug a well deserved time out so he could check out the scenery:

Probably the HUGEST thing to see along here is the Catavina Boulder Fields. Our photos just don't do them justice, but we tried to capture the essence of what was here. Just miles of huge granite boulers and cacti. It doesn't seem possible that these huge things could be here! Remember, these boulders are, for the most part, WAY bigger than the van, so the scale is hard to show here! It's like God just threw down a bunch of rocks!!! Check them out:

Then we arrived at Rancho Santa Inez (again, thanks to Mike & Terry Church's Baja book). It was windy and cold, but with some help from a local fellow and the owner, we got a spot picked out and hunkered down for the evening. It was cold enough that we (for the first time ever) dropped the top on Euri and slept with it totally closed. It made a big difference with keeping us warm. The temperatures dropped to 6 degrees C in the evening:

Budding gas station wannabe's in Catavina! Guess lots of people ran out here and there is no Pemex Gas station!

Pretty lonely looking!!

We have gone through at least 4 Military checkpoints since we entered the Baja, full on personnel with automatic machine guns, etc. They have always been more than polite, pleasant and for the most part have just waved us through. Only one asked us any minimal questions. Good to see they are out there helping keep everyone safe!

BUT....amazing and true story-I beat Doug again at Scrabble, check this out:

Well, that's it for Saturday's travels! Thanks again for making us a part of your day too!!

Nancy's days without make-up: 9
Scrabble Wins: Doug 5 - Nancy 2

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