Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Potrero CA

Hello and how is everyone out there? Sorry we had no posts last night. The campground does not have internet. We rode to the town library and that is where we are now. They are very helpful and accomodating. Doug has just finished printing out the email from the insurance fellow in Nogales AZ for our Mexican liability coverage. Tonight I will not be able to post as the library closes at 6 pm and it is nearly dark so I won't want to ride over here!
The drive from Lakeside to here is only about 45 minutes so it was a nice short driving day. The Walmart trip was MUCH longer and Doug now thinks that we have one of everything that Walmart carries!!
First, let's start with the Sunday night Scrabble game. YES, Doug WON again:

I managed to capture a photo of Pauline, the Lake Jennings ranger and some of her handiwork from around the park (including a big lemon under the real lemon tree!!):

Now, onto MUCH more important things. Like the drive over here and the campsite!! It is interesting country with low lying hills and many huge boulders dotting the landscape. Very much like the desert areas of B.C. Campsite is all but deserted. Just us and one other camper. The ranger says that most of the Baja people go down earlier in the year but they were happy to "dial us up with a campsite". Super nice folks.

Our turnoff, about 5 miles away on the way to the border at Tecate.
We will see this again tomorrow morning! 

Last night's Scrabble!
It was pretty cold last night so we slept with our touques on!
...and at 3:30 a.m. - this was the temperature!! Pretty cold!!

This morning:
Healthy breakfast!
So this morning, we had our healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit (see Mom!!) I showered with the sun pouring into the bathroom building. Although it is old, it is well maintained and we have it pretty much all to ourselves, just the two birds that were flitting around and I!! I really wondered, "what is wrong with this anyway??- NOTHING!!
So no posts tonight, remember! We will be over the border tomorrow morning and not sure when we will have interenet again. It may be a few days before you here from us. Once we get to Ensenada, we will try and buy a Mextel internet stick so we will not be at the mercy of the Wi-Fi in the parks.

The ride to the library!

Library garden:
Too early for tea but there could be wine or beer/cider today. Scrabble later, but I will be sure to bring everyone up on the scores!! 
And just for those keeping track:

Nancy's days without make-up: 5
Scrabble Wins: Doug 4 - Nancy 0  


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